Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Analyzing to death

I apologize in advance for this post and the rambling on, plus technical stuff. I am still thinking about ovulation and days after ovulation etc. Please stick with me if you can and PLEASE give me some feedback if you have anything......

Okay here we go.

In December we did iui. I had a trigger shot on December 7th and iui on December 9th. I counted my first day post ovulation and/or post iui as day 1 on the 10th. That would have been three full days after the trigger shot and one day after iui. Do you think that the trigger would be the same or similar to a positive opk? When I get a positive ovulation strip I count the day after as 1DPO. 

Skip forward to this cycle:

I got a positive ovulation strip on Monday 14th evening around 6:00pm. I know for a fact the day before it was negative. I also got a positive strip on Tuesday 15th. Since my first positive was on Monday the 14th, I counted Wednesday 16th as 1DPO. I am now thinking I might have rushed a little on this. I am thinking I should have waited two days after first positive. If this is indeed the case then my ovulation dates would be off and my hcg levels would have made more sense. Remember the month before I had a chemical pregnancy and it caused me to ovulate later then normal. 

So, if on a medicated cycle you wait (3) days after trigger to count as the first day post ovulation, wouldn't it be similar with a positive ovulation strip?

Here were my hcg levels & U/s Information:

Beta #1 12DPO 16.9, progesterone 23 
Beta #2 14DPO 44.7, progesterone 27
Beta #3 16DPO 112, didn't check progesterone
Beta #4 18DPO 221, progesterone 24
Beta #5 20DPO 433, progesterone 30
Beta #6 24DPO 1738, progesterone 29
2/12/13- First U/S, 5w6d and saw yolk sac
2/19/13 2nd U/S, 6w6d heartbeat was 95bpm and measured 6w1d
2/26/13 3rd U/S, 7w6d 

If I was indeed a day or two off then these numbers would make so much more sense. Or I am sitting here grasping at straws hoping this little one is still alive next week.  

Thanks for humoring the crazy lady :)

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