Thursday, February 21, 2013


Well I was talking to a very close friend of mine yesterday. She told me that in early pregnancy she had some complications with her son measuring small and having low heartbeat. Last night she messaged me with the u/s results of 6w3d and heartbeat in low 60's and 8w5d heartbeat around high 70's. She never mentioned it to me while pregnant and I know the doctors were always concerned that he was small and may have some issues, but didn't know why. She is very private and doesn't want to burden people. Well her little boy just celebrated his first birthday. Talk about inspirational story that I really needed to hear. I think we all know that heartbeats that low hardly ever go on to have a positive story. He beat the odds and my little circle will also beat the odds. 

5 more days until u/s.............................................

I am excited to report I peed three times last night in middle of the night! Until then I was so sad that all the other pregnant woman were peeing so much and I wasn't. LOL. It could be a freak occurrence, but I will keep my fingers crossed that I keep on peeing :)

I have also noticed that all I want to eat is red meat. I can't stand to even look at chicken right now. I have eaten a bacon cheeseburger twice this week.

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