Friday, February 15, 2013


I didn't want it to happen this way, but I had no other choice. I told my boss this morning of pregnancy. I have been in the bathroom puking all morning. I was also out Tuesday due to being very sick and told him it was a virus. Today we walked in and looked at me. He said " are you okay?" I was totally like a deer in headlights. I went into his office and said I wasn't wanting to say anything because of all our losses and wanted to wait until later, but it was obviously effecting my job at this point. The beans were spilled and I told him we were pregnant and I was having severe morning sickness. Of course this isn't a new thing completely for me. When I was pregnant 16 years ago with Cierra I developed hyperemesis gravidarum and lost about 15lbs. Back then they didn't real do much except give me a prescription of phenagrin that didn't help. Finally around 6 months I was able to keep foods down and finally started gaining some weight back. My boss told me he knew how hard we have worked for this and would completely and totally understand and work with me in any way necessary until it passes. I hate that this is already effecting my job though. 

Btw orange juice is not very good coming back up.

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