Monday, February 18, 2013

Big Day

Tomorrow is the "big day". Not sure how I am feeling today. I know I didn't sleep much last night and I feel like my stomach has been doing flips all day long. I would have to agree that the 2ww doesn't have shit on the in between u/s waits. I was doing great up until last night. For the most part I am still doing pretty darn good considering.  Hoping tomorrow there is 

#1 a embryo
#2 a heartbeat

I know that symptoms or lack of don't really mean anything. I was really sick until the end of this weekend. Now I feel fantastic. My husband told me yesterday that part of my boobies have grown, not all, but parts. LOL. I am very hungry and my boobs are still somewhat sore. Still have insomnia. Still feeling pulling and twitching in my uterus. Other then those few things, I wouldn't even know I am pregnant. I guess this can be a good sign or bad. Can't really make to much of it right now.

U/S tomorrow morning at 7:30. I will have tears of joy or tears of despair. Coin toss anyone?

Oh before I forget. Thank you universe, god, or whoever helped me make it this far. I will never lose these moments and that is priceless :) 

I am officially pregnant on February 19th, 2013 with a little circle who is 6W5D.

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