Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I know that if I can get help with this question, here is right place to do it. My hcg levels were 23,900 when I called the clinic and they weren't expecting them to still be that high. I am so confused on how to prepare for this miscarriage. If I weren't so nervous about going under general again, I would say lets do the d&c and get this over with. I really want to do this naturally. With that being said, I have heard stories on both sides, d&c verses natural. I know the natural way can take a while. As hard as this is to hear, can any of you please give me some information or either you have gone through? Should I start to expect anything to happen soon or do my levels need to drop? My doctor said it will be very painful for about 24 hours. I am scared it is going to happen at work. I already told my boss that within the next two weeks I will need a few days off to handle things. Not sure what you really say to someone about that. My husband wants me to go through with the surgery. He doesn't want to see me in anymore pain or have this drag on for weeks. I am at a total loss where to go from here.

Please share your experiences with me so I can make an informative decision. 

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