Thursday, February 14, 2013

Changed Over

Well I made the change this morning on my blog address. I hope everyone was able to find me okay. 

Actually feeling pretty good this morning. I haven't been stressing about next weeks ultrasound at all. I haven't peed on any sticks since last Friday and don't really want to. I haven't even called for another beta. I have finally accepted whatever will happen, will happen. So I am just taking it day by day. I've had some really bad vomitting for the past three days. It doesn't go away. The doctor gave me some zofran for the days while I am at work and some phenagrin gel for at home in evenings, so I can sleep a little. Guess today I am 6w1d. 

I talk to Al the other night and made a very thought out decision. After this we are officially finished with ttc. I am hoping this pregnancy ends in beautiful baby, but even if not, I have decided that my journey ends here. I say that with no sadness or regret either. I am fully at peace with whatever happens from this point on.  I got rid of all my extra fertility medications and are giving my clinic the extra needles I have from our ivfs. 

Finally, thank you ladies for being my biggest support for the past three years. No one will ever understand the support unless they have been there. Absolutely priceless.  

Since this is my last shot, I decided to do the pregnancy ticker.

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