Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8 1/2 Month Pics

We only have a few pictures back from the girls photo shoot:

We also had to end up taking our house off the market for a while because of all the flooding in Oklahoma. Our yard has been flooded for a few weeks now and it is obviously turning potential buyers away, saying we have a "obvious drainage issue" which really pisses me off. In one month we've had over 18 inches of rain, would wouldn't have a drainage issue? Hopefully we can put it back on the market in a month or so when things dry out some.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This & That Post

The biggest pain in my @ss is coming from selling/buying a home. I never knew what the process consisted of and to be honest, it sucks big time. Our house has been on the market about 10 days. As of today we've had 12+ showings and 3 of them are second showings on the house. Mother nature decided to show us the freaking flood that Noah obviously experienced. Our yard has basically been under water for two weeks now. We were able to get the camper out from the side of shop last night for Memorial weekend because the yard had dried up enough. Then like clock work a huge rain storm is moving in now and our yard will be underwater for the 5:00 pm showing today. I know that I can't change anything and the right buyer will come along and love our house regardless of Lake Rapp, but its been stressful. We are constantly hiding cats in rv, cleaning house, hiding baby toys daily, cleaning off counter tops etc. only to come home and get it back out. People have shown up at our house unexpected because of miscommunication with realtor and we are not getting 24 hour notice like we asked for. I can't tell a potential buyer no they can't look at the house though. Please let this house sell quickly and please let us find a new home quickly.... Mother nature please take your damn flood to states that are in a drought and could use 14 inches of rain in less that three weeks.

The girls are doing fantastic!  Olivia did get a double ear infection last week, but I consider us pretty fortunate that this was her first and they are almost 9 months old. She was so upset and not sleeping well for days leading up to her fever ( that should have been an indication), instead I thought she was teething. After being on antibiotics she is all better and back to her normal crazy self. I also took Lilah and had him check her so we didn't need to go back in a few days. I found out with twins, when one is sick, take the other also.
Olivia is weighing 13lbs 2 oz
Lilah is weighing 11lbs 4 oz 
My little peanuts are growing!

We also had their 8 month pictures done and the girls did such an amazing job!

Cierra is graduating on Friday and starting college in the fall. What happened to my first born daughter, where did time go??

Miss Lilah:

Miss Olivia:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It is official~

Our house is finally on the market~
Fingers crossed it sells quickly and we find a new place