Friday, September 30, 2011

Stopped at the Start Line

I went into the doctor yesterday to see if my cyst had shrunk enough to start my injections. It decreased from 30cm to 27, so the doctor said I was a go as long as blood work was good. Within last few cycles my estrogen has always been within the set guidelines. I got a call and my estrogen is way to high this cycle, so its a no go until next month. I should be happy about this so all these darn cysts will go away, but im really not. Oh well.

Guess I will see you in a few weeks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My IUI's

I am putting all of this down so I dont forget.

IUI #1 (Menupor) injections for 7 days
HCG trigger shot
IUI was on 8/24/2011
Sperm count was 30 millon and not sure of motilty
Had 2 follicles both on right side largest was 23mm
BFN (luteal phase of 10days) Progesterone was a 10

IUI#2 (Menupor) injections for 9 days
HCG trigger shot
IUI was on 9/16/2011
Sperm count was 45 millon and 89% motilty
Had (3) follicles this time.. two on left side and one on right, largest was 20mm
BFN (luteal phase of 10 days) Progesterone was 4

IUI#3 (Menupor ) injections
See doctor tomorrow to proceed (hopefully) if my cyst has shrunk enough.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Its been a while since my last blog.  Al and I were referred over to an RE and did ALOT of testing. I had an adheision on my uterus and it was surgically removed in June. Now we fit in the "unexplained infertilty category (oh what fun). 

Since Al and I have zero infertilty covered, we fit into the guidelines for a study that includes (4) iui's with injectables. Started our first cycle in August? Sorry time really starts running together after a while. A treatment  consists of a baseline ultrasound and not the fun on top of your belly ones :). along with bloodwork. You get to start on injections daily, usually for 4-9 days. Then you get a shot to induce ovulation and day after is procedure. Our first procedure went pretty well. I had alot of cramping and sharp pains for about a week after. 10 days after iui I had AF. Second iui, I had some complications and the procedure was pretty bad. After a day of rest I felt alot better. This time around, I had zero symptons of anything. I think I knew from the beginning it didnt take, but I didnt want to be a downer to everyone.

I was told by doctor this morning that he believes my luteal phase is so short for implantation and we need progesterone after iui. Now heres the catch. The study we are taking part in wont let you take progesterone. I feel so torn on this issue. The treatments are free and if we were paying out of pocket for these, it would be about $3000 a cycle. On the other hand, without progesterone, my chances are slim to none of getting pregnant.

I think the right thing to do is keep in the study. I signed up for it and I shouldnt be a quitter. I talked to the IVF coordinator and our RE. He believes that with my ovarian reserve, IVF should be a success. As I said earlier, we have zero insurance. I do think its worth the cost though. The waiting list is six months out for the procedure and the RN is going to put us on it.

I will start cycle (3) of my iui in two days. I was suppose to start today, but I have a huge cyst on my ovary so the doctor wont start me on anymore medications until it shrinks some.

I havent used this blog in so long and that is so stupid. At least here, I can express what is going on and I wont feel like im burdening ppl with my problems. It seems that people dont really care what is going on with all of this. I was told by a very close friend thats not the fact, they just dont know what to say.......
I guess I dont either. Its much easier to write on her then to talk to people about it.