Monday, January 28, 2013

13DPO and Waiting

Well after testing this morning and my test looking the same for a few days now, I decided to discontinue my progesterone and let nature take its course. My back has been hurting for two days now (bad). I am having lots of pulling sensations in my uterus. Cramps have been coming and going since Saturday morning. I am a little excited in the fact that I think Femara is seriously the drug that will help us get pregnant. I have been on it for three cycles now and got pregnant twice. I know it's not huge milestone when you get pregnant with a chemical, but it is something, right? Keeping fingers crossed that (if) and that is a very STRONG (if) this pregnancy doesn't work out, then numbers will start dropping in next day or two and my RE will let us start Femara for next iui. He has let me start a new cycle after chemicals with low numbers and only lasting a few days. 

I also need to start staying away from other infertility groups. I am so freaking tired of the negative drama queens. Also bitching and whining, that gets so old! I am so thankful that my group is pretty amazing and filled with wonderful woman. I won't go into any more today.

Here are pics from my test this morning: As you can tell my afternoon test are always darker. I first tested positive on 10DPO so as you can tell, they are not progressing anywhere close to where they should be. This morning is on bottom 13DPO:


I just heard back from my clinic and if levels are keep dropping then I can resume iui as soon as AF hits again :)

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