Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling Good

Well I was afraid that I had developed a dry socket from my tooth extraction last week. I had the worse pain ever Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This morning I woke up and my mouth is feeling so much better. I have check up tomorrow so they can get a good look and make sure everything is healing!

So I have huge blogger news, our very own Cristy from just had her second beta and numbers are looking great. This is one of a handful of people that I have truly became friends with and my heart is so filled with joy that she got her bfp. Still early in pregnancy, but please stop by and give her a HUGE congrats!!!!

So in my TTC news, I have notta! Today is cd16 and still no positive ovuation strips. It was mentioned to me that my chemical last month could very well being playing a big part in this. Not sure if I will ovulate or not. Right now my biggest thing is getting to CD1 so we can start our iui's up again. I am going to ask my doctor if we can do femara with follistim this cycle. For some reason I think the femara helps with my chronic low progesterone levels, so I want to stay on it for as long as possible.

If you haven't, please check out my private facebook group for infertility and/or pregnancy after infertility. You can click on the top tab of this page and get the link! We are building up a great strong and supportive community.

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