Monday, January 21, 2013

Negative Reality Shows & ICLW WELCOME

 Welcome ICLWers! Sorry I picked a bad day to rant! Promise my post are usually completely different. For my history you can click on my tab above labeled TTC History... I look forward to reading your comments and reading some new blogs this month!


This post today will piss some people off and I am okay with that. This is my one place to keep things real.

This post has been some time in the making.  As you guys know I have a infertility facebook page and also follow a few groups. What is the main reason for these groups? Support right? Where does the line turn into the grey area of support? I want to support all the woman on my page and try to do so with the best of my knowledge. I know that I can be a harsh person or come off harsh to people sometimes because I don't want to be weighed down with negativity. I also know that every person handles infertility different. Some are very positive and keep march forward, some are very negative and need a lot of support. etc. ...... I also know that with suffering though secondary infertilty that many woman feel I don't understand. Which btw the is bullshit. I understand as well as anyone else does. That is another can of worms to open on another day. 

Okay my post today is about all the negative reality shows that depict teen moms, bad moms, celebrity partying moms etc. I find it very hard to show support to woman that watch this shit and then complain. First of all it is a decision to watch these shows knowing very well that is it going to upset and offend you as an infertile. So why do you choose to do this to yourself? I know for me personally I avoid any kind of situation that I have the control to, if I know it will upset me. I don't read articles that have headlines like " Infant dead and mom is caught in casino". It is very unhealthy in my opinion. Which brings me back to the whole "just because it is good for me, doesn't mean it works for you" I know that my overview on things aren't necessarily right or wrong as is the same with other woman whom choose to watch or read this stuff. Here is the main problem I am having. I set up my infertility facebook page because I was tired of all the negative comments consistently and wanted to set up a place for woman more like me who tend to look at the positive side of things. Woman who despite seeing one line month after month can cry it off and start fighting again. So this brings up a problem when I have woman posting on this page about seeing blah blah reality show and then getting bitter etc. The plain truth is I don't want this crap on my page, but I am trying to be sensitive and show support. Any helpful suggestions on how I can deal with this problem? I am prepared to lose some members and that is their choice. Maybe it would be a better fit for anyone who is offended to find another group that is more supportive to what they need. I don't want to lose the whole idea of why I set up this page. If I only end up with 5 members who feel the same way as I do at the end of the day, then I feel I did a good job. Make any sense? Am I being to harsh? 

Any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated.

BTW I am either 6DPO or 7DPO. I got positive on my opk on last Monday and Tuesday. So I counted Wednesday as 1DPO, does that seem right? Either way I am feeling AF signs and not to upset that this cycle didn't work out. I was on pain meds for my teeth and wasn't taking my vitamins regularly. When cd1 gets here I can call the clinic and start my next iui with Femara/Follistim. Btw have any of you had your prometrin suppositories covered by insurance? I know they are super expensive, but I really like them!

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