Sunday, January 27, 2013

The gift that never stops giving.....

Chemical Pregnancy #5

I went in this morning for a beta at 12DPO. My hcg levels were 16.9 and my progesterone was 23. My doctor made the remark that now I am getting pregnant often. Guess it really doesn't count if it is  not viable though. He said that level is low and wants me to come back in on Thursday for another test. I am going to stop my progesterone today. That number 23 was without my suppositories since they don't show up in blood stream. Hoping I can get past this little bump and start my next cycle within this week or next.

Here was a picture of my latest chemical. I like to document all of them for future reference:

On a MUCH brighter note: Please go by and wish my wonderful fellow blogger and friend good luck on her ultrasound tomorrow. Cristy at Fingers are crossed for you my sweet friend. I am waiting in such anticipation to see the baby and heartbeat!!!

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