Saturday, January 26, 2013

Part 2

I called my clinic this morning and explained I was having another chemical pregnacy and asked if it would interfere with starting my new treatment plan. They wanted me to come in for beta, so I go in tomorrow morning. Just want this one to end quickly.

Also little back ground on this cycle. I was on narcotic pain meds until 4 days ago. I haven't taken any of my vitamins, aspirin etc. and only took my Femara for four days because I had a virus. How in the heck did this really happen. I mean of course we had sex when the ovulation test showed positive because I KNEW this wouldn't happen. I am infertile and for almost three years, these things don't happen!.

I took a test a few hours ago:

 Top one was from 6 last night
Middle was 6 this morning
Bottom was 11 this afternoon.

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