Sunday, January 6, 2013

The little quilt that could......

As you all know, I started quilting about 5 months ago. As of today it has been a complete and totally failure on my part. I bought my first ever sewing machine and couldn't even read the directions without being confused. My husband help me put everything together and then I was out of the gates running. Over confident I started my first baby quilt for my quilting project. Well this Christmas I took my machine and quilt to my MIL's house so she could show me how to actually do the quilting and backing, plus binding. After being as nice and loving as possible she delivered the bad news to me. My first quilt was a complete mess (in my words, not hers). All the settings on my machine were wrong and my stitches were to loose and to long. I guess this quilt top that I did would have fell apart after a few washings. Well I can't make poor quaility quilts and send them out for a new baby! She gave me classes and I have all the settings on my machine fixed now. I have started quilt #2 and the topper is coming together, all the stitches are a nice even quarter inch seam. I am hoping to take a quilting class this month or next so I can learn how to actually do the quilting and binding since we weren't able to tackle that project with MIL this Christmas. I will go back and eventually redo quilt #1, but it has given me hell. I took this stupid thing apart three times! Now I am working on a cute little girls quilt for a fellow pregnant blogger. Thank goodness I have plenty of time to finish and get it out to her!!!

Her is a pic and also note that I have set up a tab with my quilting adventures!


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