Wednesday, January 2, 2013


For the last few days my brain has been working overtime. I don't know if I am at the point of grasping straws or what. Honestly I am tired of failed cycles, but I am really tired of being told that no one knows why. We have been tested for everything under the sun and according to my RE everything comes back within normal ranges. Well if everything were normal then I would be getting pregnant. After A LOT of research over the weekend I am really starting to think and/or convince myself that I do in fact have an underlying immune issue that is causing the chemical pregnancies.  As I have stated before I never got a solid diagnosis of Lupus but it has always been in the back of my mind. I had several of the markers, plus three positive ANA tests. I also had the inflammation in joints. I recently heard about two doctors in the U.S. that are Reproductive Immunologist and do believe and treat patients that are in my situation. I know that many RE's don't believe in this area of medicine and there aren't a lot of studies supporting this treatment.  Regardless what my doctor thinks, I am going to make an appointment and travel to Chicago. I think it would be totally irresponsible of me not to. I feel like I am at such a dead end right now and have no other place to go. What if I am right? Then I will get pregnant and be so happy that I decided to pursue this option. What if I am wrong? Then I haven't lost anything except more money. My husband doesn't want to set up the appointment until early summer so we can save money up for the trip and bloodwork etc. I would love to get in earlier then that, but totally understand where he is coming from. I also decided today that I am putting off my Lap surgery for a few months. I have the lab slip to be tested for MTHFR but doctor wants me to wait six weeks before I have the test done (due to my current miscarriage). From the stories I have read about this Doctor Kwak Kim, she is able to run test for specific titlers that other RE's will test and it comes back normal. Maybe I am crazy (I don't know anymore). 

So our plan is as follows:

I have to take this month off due to doctors instructions

Feb & March we will do iui with either Femara or Follistim

April or May surgery

June or July- Travel to Chicago for consultation and test with Dr. Kwak Kim.

****Plans are subject to change according to my crazy thought process for the day***

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