Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend.

Well I had a PERFECT Easter weekend. Our fishing/camping trip was amazing and I had so much fun. 

Friday I was suppose to leave work at 1:00pm and took a half day of vacation. It didn't work out to well. Friday morning I recieved a call from the boss that we completed a washdown on one of our wells. That means we (I) have to contact all the working interest owners in our well and let them know what is happening, the next step and ask for more money. This has to be done within 24 hours of the completion of this step. So at 11:00 on Friday morning my boss finally got all the numbers I needed and then it was crunch time to get 28 different emails and 28 hard copy letters out to working interest owners. My boss apologized like ten times and I didn't have any co-workers offering to help, in fact I had the opposite problem. So I sucked it up and decided that I would do it all by myself even though the boss said co-workers could help. I ended up walking out of the office around 3:30. Annoyed, but looking very forward to my weekend. Boy did my weekend make that Friday disappear quickly!

After 2 1/2 hour drive we got to the cabin. My sister was already there with her husband and the girls. We unpacked ate dinner and opened a bottle of wine while fishing. That night there was a severe thunderstorm and the thunder and lightening were super loud. Lots of rain into the next morning. We all woke up on Saturday and shared stories of our fears from the storm. I thought the cabin would end up in river, my sister thought lightening was going to hit us. That bad, but still cool! They had an Easter egg hunt to 10:30 and it was pouring rain, but we didn't let that stop us. By noon the sun was out full blast and fishing was on! I caught (5) rainbow trout and lost one huge fish. I am thinking it was a stripper because as soon as my bait hit the water  BAM! It was on and there was a fight. I got the fish almost to the shore and saw the shadow. Then it got off hook. My sister then decided to educate me on the "correct" way to reel in a fish LMAO. I thought about that missed fish all weekend long. My sister caught (3) or (4) and finally Al and my brother in law each caught one last minute. I didn't think it was going to happen. Here are some pictures from our trip. It is still early in the season so the trees are not blooming yet and it still looks like winter. This place is very beautiful especially during later spring throughout fall: Pictures aren't impressive, but you can see the fun we had!

We finally made it home around 1;00 today and in the mail I had this:

These are homemade dish towels from a fellow blogger and friend, Bette. I also got some homemade Christmas tags and little cards. Amazing!! I love the dishtowels so much Bette. THANK YOU!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday & More

Any of the woman who are on my facebook group already seen this, but I am still sharing on my blog today.

 New  reason for infertility?

I will save everyone the pharmacy drama I had last night. When I got home I was honestly ready to lose my shit. I sat down and took a xanax and forgot that when I used to take them, I only took a half at one time. It knocked me on my ass big time. Not a good night for that either. We are leaving for our fishing trip today and I wasn't packed. Al came home and I was seriously out of it. I couldn't even form a sentence correctly. So being the amazing husband he is, he said leave the packing up to him and off to bed I went at 8:00 pm. I did need the sleep though and feel so much better today. We are leaving about 1:00 today and time cannot get here fast enough. I already received a text message from co-worker saying she has sinus headache and will not be in until later. Funny because I've had three migraines within last week and still managed to be to work on time everyday.  I truly despise weak people that just want attention and bitch about every little thing in their world!!!! Sorry but I had to get that out. My co-workers are the Absolute worst! I am anxious to see how things will work around here when I move to Colorado. Of course I am the idiot that stays here and doesn't find another job, so what does that say about me? Exactly!

Oh! Remember the two quilts that I messed up? I didn't know what to do with them and a friend suggested donating them to the Children's Hospital here. I called my husband to see if they would take the donation and yes they will! So now I found homes for them :)

Well that is all for today. I will share pictures of my trip on Monday and hopefully pictures of my rainbow trout!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quilt Blog

This post today is all about my quilting, so pass if you don't want to read about it :)

Last night I made a HUGE break through on my quilting. Let me start from beginning. The night before last I finished the topper for a fellow bloggers twin girls. I wanted to make the quilts similar, but not the same. First one was finished and I thought it was "okay" until I finished the topper for #2 and then I knew at that moment that #1 was a no go. I sent a message to the mom and told her that the quilts would be delayed because I was redoing them. I stopped by fabric store last night and bought more trim pieces and backing for quilt #1. Since I have a lot of the patterned fabric left I am just starting that quilt over. So anyway back to last night. I put the end trim pieces on quilt #2 and it was looking GOOD! As you all know, I am a beginner quilter so I still haven't started binding yet. I turn everything inside out, layer sew around perimeter and leave about 6 inch gap and pull the quilt through to the right side. That leaves a six inch gap that I have to sew from outside and it is ALWAYS very visible and I hate it! That was until last night. I sat there and looked at this thing for 30 minutes and it finally hit me. I turned my machine to zigzag stitches and did a zigzag around whole outer edge of quilt and it turned out great! Here is a pic of my favorite "to date" quilt. Sorry other ladies I do love your quilts also, but this one was my turning point from beginner quilter to beginner with some more knowledge quilter :)

I have better pictures that I will share when the quilt is completely finished. I have to put some more lines in there to hold the quilting inside together. That is also a "very beginner" thing for me. I have not learned how to do all the little sqiggles on my sewing machine so my quilting is really just x's and lines going across, but still looks good for what it is. I am hoping to finish this one tonight and start back on the first one. At least get squares and strips sewn together before we leave for weekend trip for some trout fishing, wine and heated swimming pools :)


I don't know if you guys seen my update from yesterday. HCG levels were still at 56 so no Femara this week. I go back in next Wednesday for u/s & b/w and go from there.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Todays Doctors Appointments

I had two doctors appointments this morning. First one was my RE. I went in and picked up my records (which seemed way to thin) and I was right. The girl up front forgot to copy my second chart which consisted of four of my Iui's through the AMIGOS study. No big deal since we aren't planning on seeing Dr. Kim until end of August. I am very interested to sit down and read all of my Doctor notes etc. plus look at all my labs again. From there I went back and had my u/s and blood work. Ultrasound looked good. Lining was 5 and I had 15 antrals on left and 13 on right. Waiting on my hcg levels and if they are low enough I can start my Femara. If not, I have to go back in next week for levels. I have a feeling that my levels won't be low enough this week. I peed on a stick last night and there is still a second line. I can be a good girl and wait until next week though. I am so close :) 

So second doctor appointment today was with my primary and seeing if we had to take this fingernail off. I have been on antibiotics for over a week now. There is new growth on bottom of nail so we decided to let it stay on. If she removed it now, the whole nail including new growth would be removed and it would hurt. Easy decision. Now for the harder decision. As you remember I blogged last week about having some issues coping and having anxiety/depression, but staying silent about it. I finally talked to doctor today. As soon as he mentioned my miscarriages, tears came streaming down my face. There is obviously an issue there as much as I try to hide it, it is there. The sadness is in my heart still. We decided it would be best to start my anti-depressants again. I am going with the milder Prozac instead of the Zoloft or Paxil. That way if we do get pregnant I can still continue to take this medication. I hate that it came to this AGAIN, but I also love myself enough to know when I need help. She called in my referral to Rheumatology and they called me yesterday. My appointment is May 28th. I am nervous about this one. I don't want to start another journey down a road that ends with you may have early stages of Lupus, we don't know, please come back in a few years with any new symptoms. I hope that isn't an issue this time since I am seeing a new doctor and a new hospital affiliation. 

After I left second appointment, I called my husband and told him I am starting anti-depression medications again. If you remember I haven't said anything to him this go around about struggling. He said he thought I was doing great under the cirumstances. I said Al " I told our neighbor I was going to effing kill him, do you not see any issues with that?" He said well normally yes, but he is an asshole. LOL he does have a good point. Maybe I hid it to well from my husband, but I just came out and told him that I need this and I have been struggling silently because I didn't want to burden him anymore.

I never said I was superwoman, but that sure would be nice :)

I will update on HCG levels later today. 

HCG Level is 56. No Femara this week. U/s & b/w next Wednesday and hopeful Femara then.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well I lost a follower.  Guess my non baby obsessive post are finally getting to people. It still stings a little when you lose a follower. Oh well their loss....

Okay on to important matters at hand. Do you know what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is my RE appointment for blood work and u/s. It has been a little over a month since I lost circle. Please keep your fingers crossed that my levels are low enough that I can start trying again. Even more importantly, tomorrow I get to pick up my records from RE so I can send to Dr. Kim in Chicago. This is a huge moment for me. Al and I talked about it and decided we are waiting until end of August. We have a few trips planned already and plan on doing A LOT of camping etc this spring and summer. I couldn't think of a better time to go see her. Have a fun summer, being refreshed and positive going into this. I believe deep down in my heart that she will be the key to us getting pregnant. If not, then I know without a shadow of a doubt that Al and I did everything humanly possible to concieve and for whatever reason, we couldn't. I can also live with that (as I have mentioned previously).

So my baby quilt project has really taken off. I never imagined when I started doing this project that people would be interested. I thought I would make a few quilts, they would fall apart and that would be the end of it. I have never been so wrong. I've had so many woman on facebook contacting me about buying a quilt from me. I won't lie, I am considering doing this in my extra time to make a few extra bucks on the side. My husband is so proud of me. Of course I show him every quilt step by step and explain to him the person I am making it for and what treatment they went through, how many baby/babies they are having and what that person has brought into my life. It is such a touching experience. I know I babble on about the quilts all the time, but it means more to me then words could ever describe. I also feel in a weird way that this is me making up for bad things I have done in the past that could be the reason why I can't conceive. I know most of you say no that is not the reason, but parts of me believe it is. 

Before I leave this post today. I want to specifically talk to all the woman still in the trenches. Just remember to always hold your head up high. Life can really be unfair and kick you so far down that you don't ever believe things will get better. Just remember you are the ONLY person that can allow yourself to be defeated. Be stubborn as HELL. I know failed cycles are devastating, but remember that in time one will work. Simple mathematics, one will work...All the people I personally know that have made it through VERY difficult medical situations and horrible things in their lives is because they are fighters. I also see people that sit back and whine about their situations constantly and put blame everywhere and just let defeat take over and those people are sad.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday. Why do you always come so fast and yet I have to wait so long for the weekend? I am almost starting to despise you as much as AF. That is a warning that you are some very thin ice with me.

Lets get started. Project "redneck tarp" was epic, epic fail! Our fence line is full of trees and bushes. I thought being the engineer I am "not" that we could trim and fit the tarp nice and neatly through the trees. Well that didn't work. Not only did that idea not work, the idea of putting the tarps up on the fence didn't work. Our fence line is east/west facing. I didn't think the wind would be an issue, wrong again. We managed to get two of them up at the very end of fence and zip tied them. The wind is blowing the holy hell out of them and I give it a week before they rip. Good news is........... spring is here and the trees will start blooming soon. That will give us at least 98% coverage of the fence.  Any ideas on a plant/flower I can plant that will take over the fence line and requires little moisture? I tried morning glory's and they didn't even come up. Any suggestions from my flower friends would be so helpful! Oh before I forget we did get the camera up though and it blinks with red lights!

Next order of business. My sister called me late last week and asked if we wanted to go to Marval Resort. It is a resort on the Illinos River here in Oklahoma. Great in the summer for floating and the water is ice cold. Hoping it is great right now for fires and trout fishing! We rented a cabin with my sister, bro- in- law and girls. I was also informed that the outside pool is heated. I might have to shave my legs for this special occasion folks! I will take plenty of pictures, especially if I catch some rainbow trout. I have to be sneaky at fishing because I refuse to pay the State of Oklahoma for a fishing license when I don't even keep the fish. I catch and release. So I guess we will find out who is better at the task at hand, the ranger or me? Details to come. 

As you know when we are gone, two of our dogs fight and it is not good when we come home. I was going to buy a huge kennel at Tractor Supply yesterday, but made the last minute decision to board Boomer at the vet office. Now I feel sad. I know it is the right thing to do, but I hate leaving him there and him feeling like I am never coming back. I mean look at this face!!!

 Finally in TTC or not succeeding at TTC news, LOL:
I have my u/s on Wednesday and blood work to make sure levels are down and everything is quiet. Then off to Femara with some TI.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anniversary Quilt

I am making Al a anniversary quilt made from his college colors etc.....

Here is the topper:

Project Redneck tarp was epic failure, more tomorrow.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quilt Pics

Just finished quilt (A) for twin (A) and starting (B) tonight or tomorrow. I also took a pic of the other I am getting ready to ship out this week!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday, Plus This & That

Well ladies my fake camera came in two days ago. Project "tarp the backyard redneck" will be in full force on Sunday. I sit here laughing at the things we find ourselves doing for comfort and peace of mind. Yes, pictures will be shared on Monday! While talking about  mountain man " next door idiot", I have been so giddy the last few days and let me tell you why. Our neighbor to the north, Bill (super nice and sweet man) is watching a golden retreiver for one of his friends from church. He has a large kennel out in the back of his yard and almost on the fence line of mountain man @sshole's yard. This dog he watches barks 24/7! Of course it is a little annoying, but I choose to look at the positive side of this situation. If it is bothering Al and I then I know it is driving mountain man CRAZY!!!!! So I just sit back in between barks and laugh :) Of course the dog is absolutely precious and I always want to go over and bring him home with my clan. He will be leaving tomorrow to go back home to his family though.

On the quilt front, I started (1) out of (2) quilts for the little Griswold twins! I am really excited about this project and two girls, how exciting and fun! They will both have the same fabric but I will design each with a different pattern. Here is the beginning of quilt #1...

For any new followers, please see the top quilt tab on my blog for information about my quilts.

Okay on ttc front there is some news: My hcg levels are down to 114. I go in next Wednesday for u/s and blood work just to make sure everything is quiet and on track after miscarriage.  I also broke down and made a call to Dr. Kwak Kim yesterday. We are going to send our records to her clinic and try to get in this fall for testing. For some reason I have a nagging feeling in my gut that we aren't getting pregnant because of immune issues. This is fixable. Al agreed and thought we should know for sure. More news: I am going to start Femara at home with no supervision from RE clinic. I got the okay from doctor. I know I said no more treatment and in my mind taking a few pills isn't considered treatment. But, either way I still want a chance at maybe getting pregnant before menopause.

So that is all for today folks. Stay tuned.......................................................

Thursday, March 21, 2013

No ICLW this month & updates

For some reason I am not feeling ICLW this month. Maybe next month I will get back into the hang of things. I also went through my blogger list and cleaned it up. I followed so many people that no longer blog or haven't for a while. I miss reading their blogs, but I understand that life happens. Luckily I do 98% of my blogging at work while sitting here. 

Today I had my doctors appointment for bloodwork. It has been almost 4 weeks since I lost circle. Moments it feels like time is flying by and others it feels like things are standing still and I miss this baby. I think it was so much easier with all my other miscarriages. I didn't see a beating heart, only betas rising and dropping etc. This time it was so real. There was a little human that could have grown up to be my son or daughter. I wonder what he/she would have looked like. I bet he/she would have had AL's big nose and my blue eyes. I do think about these things sometimes. Maybe this week because this cycle is closing down and it will be over. 

Anyway back to doctors appointment for today. I had my hcg and progesterone checked. I know my levels are low and wanted to see if I had already ovulated again. We sat there and talked about future plans (as I blogged about yesterday). She said to me, "Tonisha you are fertile, but you are having problems keeping a pregnancy." She is absolutely right! We then talked about coming in the next time I get pregnant and starting heparin to see if that makes any difference. I agreed. So I guess my "waiting until six weeks before seeing RE" just went down the drain. I would have to start as soon as I found out we were pregnant. 

I have also been keeping a secret. As much as I am keeping busy and trying to move forward and trying to be happy. I am suffering from severe anxiety again and panic attacks. I haven't shared this with my husband or family because I feel so weak that I have no control over it. I hate that it comes into my life whenever and takes over. The doctor noticed the other day and said for me to come back in a week and she would put me on something. Honestly I am tired. I am tired of being on pills to help, I am tired of talking to counselors that DONT help, I am really tired of seeing psychiatrist that wants to ask you 50 questions, spend five minutes with you and then throw samples from her pharmaceutical company. Where do you go? I am at a complete loss on how to get this under control. You know after fighting this condition for so many years I am finally tired. Is there anyone out there that can give me any advice on where to start? I sometimes feel like this is all in my head and I am just a freaking headcase. I wonder if it is possible that all of this anxiety and panic is just in my head and I make it worse unconsciously?  My counselor wants to tell me it was because of my past and abuse. I have accepted all that and moved on, nothing has changed in my anxiety.

Dear God am I a hypochondriac??

I see them all over and hell I work with one of the greatest. I don't see how I am like her, but maybe I just don't see it because I am?

Well I better close up this crazy ass post today. Sorry my mind is everywhere and then some.

I will update with levels later today.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Future Baby Making Plans

Since my levels will soon be zero, that brings up the question of what is next. I have told everyone that our days of treatment are over. That still holds true to an extent. I have decided with cd1 of next cycle I am going to start temping and charting. This is something I tried years ago and failed miserably. I am hoping that will give us some information on if I am ovulating etc. I have also decided to start back on my baby aspirin, fish oil, vitamin D,  and foliate. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of what treatment consists of, shall we.

We are NOT going to move forward with any treatments through the RE office. No IUI's etc. I am considering going back on femara at home with no supervision. I have spoke with my RE about this and he sees no problem going back on it. I will not be triggering or going in for monitoring unless special circumstances arise. 2 out of 3 cycles we got pregnant on Femara. One was with a femara iui and one was with femara and TI at home. 

I am very much looking forward to my levels hitting zero. I have never bled for almost a month consistently. I know things are winding down and I am start to get optimistic again. I think that AL and I can do this. Maybe not in a month or maybe even a few, but I really think we will get pregnant semi naturally. 

We are still moving forward with our lives and traveling, vacations and just us time. We are no longer going to be held hostage to ttc. So in many ways our lives will be different.

If or when we do manage to get pregnant I will not be going to the RE office for multiple betas etc. I will go in after 6 weeks to see if there is a viable pregnancy. I absolutely WILL not put myself through the hell of betas and u/s's and waiting to see what is going to happen. Yes I know many of you are calling bullshit to yourselves. Just remember I am a determined person when my mind is put to something. I am done with infertility running my life. That is something I know for sure.

Here are to new days ahead filled with all new possibilities!

Oh I will also be seeing the specialist when my referral goes through for the Lupus stuff. I was told it will be months though. I will keep you updated on that. I am putting that crap on the back burner until I see a doctor and there is something saying I have the disease.

Quilt #4

Last night I finished quilt #4. The person I am making it for asked to say anonymous. She is having a little boy and has went through struggles of her own to conceive this little guy. Here is quilt #4 and I am very proud of this one:

Start to finish:

I am in the process of waiting on more fabric to be delivered. My next project is going to be Amanda Griswold and her twin girls. I am very excited about this project.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Doctors Visit

Well it is still early but, the Lupus scare is back on the table after three years. I go in for some nasty looking fingernails and leave needing to get a referral back to the Rheumatologist.

Let me start from the beginning. I know that I have mentioned in the past that I had a Lupus scare a few years ago. I say scare because I never got a solid diagnosis. I refuse to be one of those people that say they have a disease that has not be diagnosed by a doctor. After a few positive ANA test, some neuropathy, joint pain, chest pains and losing my hair.  She said that the test couldn't confirm a solid diagnosis and said I could be in early stages. I walked out of her office that day and said I was done. After visits to her and Neurolgist and MD's. I was just done. I told Al that unless it kills me I am moving on.

Fast forward to a little over three years and today's visit: 

We started by looking at my nail and she was asking about fingernail polishes etc. She pulled up my sleeve and saw my rash and then asked how long Ive had that. I told her about 8 or 9 months now. I have it on both arms up to my elbows and sometimes on my face. I also explained since my miscarriage how extremely exhausted I am, along with being dizzy and having chest pains. We talked about the bleeding and medications etc. She then asked if I have any autoimmune issues so I told her about three years ago. She seemed a little concerned that now I have rashes and fingernails falling off plus chest pains and extreme exhaustion. I am getting all my records from three years ago forwarded over to her and she is referring me over to the Rheumology Clinic through OU. I was warned that the wait is at least 3 -4 months. No biggie for me. I have been dealing with this for years. I do have to admit, I would like to finally get a diagnosis so I could get treatment for it. I would also feel better to all the people who think I am totally being a hypochondriac about these symptoms for last few years. I think the biggest thing I would take away from this is, Lupus plays a big role in infertility. 

Well I am getting ahead of myself here. Like I said, I have been down this road in the past and what doesn't kill us truly does make us stronger. I refuse to let anything get in my way of living my life and that includes infertility or possibly Lupus.

I got this :) 

Pee Sticks and Falling off fingernails.

Talk about mixing a post up huh! First things first. Since I have been bleeding so heavy I took hpt last night to see how light or dark it was. Good news ladies, the line is pretty light so by Thursday my levels could be zero or close to.

 I fooled you! I know many thought my addiction to pee sticks were through now that we are done with treatment. Nope!

On to the bad news, sigh. I am a zombie or becoming one. For the last few months I have had some nasty stuff going on with my fingernails. Ridges and very dark spots in my nails. I asked around and was told by many people that it could be bad fingernail polish. So I took off my polish and left it off for about three weeks. No improvement so I covered those nasty suckers up. Well for the past few days my pinky has been feeling kinda mushy. Like my nail is moving around, but I didn't see any breaks. Yesterday while at work I looked at it and was able to lift nail up from nail bed. It is only connected at the very bottom of my nail into the cuticle. Of course I figure it is better for me to rip it off then the doctor. Didn't work. I have appointment at 9:40 this morning. Although I am writing the Walking Dead to see if I have enough stuff falling off and full of fungus to possibly join season 4. That would rock!
Here is a pic of my zombie digit(s).

 I've decided while at the doctor I am going to ask her about the extreme tiredness and chest pains I have been having for the last week. 

I will update you guys. Leaving with ten fingers and toes, hoping to come back with ten :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend & Quilt #4

Well our weekend didn't go exactly as planned. I have been bleeding heavily and cramping since last Thursday. I took a hpt and my lines are are SUPER dark. Thankfully I go in next Thursday for blood work to see where my levels actually are. The casino we planned on going to was about 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from home. I wasn't feeling to great so decided we would stay closer to home. I will skip all the details, but we lost money this weekend. Of course that doesn't bother us, we go just to have fun anyway, and we did. After going to numerous casinos we threw the towel and and headed back to town. I was able to stop by the quilting shop to get more fabric and materials.

Here is the topper of my quilt #4 for Amanda and her little boy.

I am particularly proud of this quilt. This is the first one I haven't used the pre-cut squares and picked everything out myself and cut myself. Pretty cute :) I am going to finish the backing in the cute orange and yellow poka dots.

I know I have been posting ALOT of my quilting on here and I really hope you ladies don't mind. I just found something that makes me happy and helps me move forward instead of sitting in the corner sulking and stressing about things that I can't change. 

I do promise to keep posting about other things also. I appreciate all the support and all of you, plus a few sticking with my through everything. I was a little apprehensive I would lose followers once we stopped treatments, but I didn't lose even one! That really shows me that my followers are amazing woman with hearts of gold. I don't know what I would do without you!

Coming later this week:  Our redneck tarp project on the back fence. Oh yes I will be posting pictures of that. How could I not???

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Remember it is one day closer to Friday!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quilt #3

Quilt #3 Finished!!!
Start to finish. This quilt is for my lovely blogger friend Lisa who is expecting a little boy named Graham.

 I have a very busy quilting schedule ahead of me and hoping they all turn out special!

(1) BOY
(1) GIRL


Friday, March 15, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday

I know this is kinda wrong, but nonetheless still funny.

Plans for weekend. Al and I found a casino about 2 1/2 hours from our house to try out. If we like gambling there I plan on reserving a few for a weekend. Here are some cool pics of the pool. How could you not stay?

Yeah think I could handle this place for a quick weekend trip.

In other news, I've been stressing on what to get Al for our 3 year anniversary. I finally decided I am going to make him a lap quilt of Arkansas Razorbacks. That is where he attended college and I think a homemade gift says a lot. Hoping to start working on it this coming week.

In other, other news, we are having neighbor drama UGH. Back story. The first day I moved in with Al, Boomer was still young and got under the fence to visit the neighbors dog. Al of a sudden we hear screaming and the mountain man was chasing my dog with an axe. Al went running to the fence to see what the hell he was doing. He went on ranting and raving that all Al's dog does is bark and it scares his grandkids when they come over. Of course Al is a very polite and conservative person (unlike me) and explained that is a dogs nature, they bark. You can find it in any book or ask any vet. Yes they bark. Well we live on an acre in half and almost out in country. We only have a few neighbors and they all have huge lots also. Our back fence backs up to his field where he keeps this beautiful white German Shepard chained up out in field with a little hay stack shack. She never gets off of chain and he yells at her for barking. It breaks my heart. I have called animal control so many times on him. I am told over and over that as long as she has food, water and shelter that is all that is required. I have made plans to sneak over in the middle of the night and break her out, but Al said as crazy as he is, he will shoot me. It sucks. So back to the story. Last year he was out weed eating his field and came upon our fence. Boomer was back there barking (like he always does) and the asshole took the weed eater after him. I sat there and watched the whole thing. I held my tongue and called police to make a report. Nothing was done. Last 4th of July, him and his grand kids shot fireworks over the fence at the dogs, We called the police and filed a report, nothing was done.  Two nights ago after work I was in laundry room folding laundry. I heard Boomer bark maybe twice and then hear " Shut the fuck up you damn mutt" I lost my shit. After years of dealing with this asshole, I completely went crazy. I will save the language I used because it would embarrass most truck drivers. Long story short I told him he is a huge piece of shit and I hope he trips in a hole and breaks his neck. I am tired of him abusing my dogs. And if he touches them or hurts them in anyway I will personally jump the fence and stick my foot so far up his ass it will come out his mouth. Yeah it was bad ( I told you). I am just tired of this crazy, mean, dog hating human. He is just horrible!!!
Al came to the back door and didn't know what was going on. They made me go back in the house. So now we had the dilemma of having open back fence that you could see through until the spring when trees and plants bloom. It will cover about 90% of fence line. I can't wait that long. I decided to go redneck as well. This week we are buying tarps to put on back fence. Our chainlink is about 8 ft tall back there and about takes up about  half acre. I couldn't afford privacy fence. As I said we are putting up tarps to the fence and on top of that we are putting lattice. I bought a fake camera with a red blinking light to install on one of our out buildings and pointing toward his field. I am hoping this will detour him from hurting our dogs and me going to jail.

Why do people have to be so damn fucked up? Seriously.

Okay I feel so much better for getting that out today. I promise you, I am a good hearted person and don't threaten to kill many people.