Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scary Dentist &Stuff

Answer me this, how is it that I am not scared by fertility treatments, but the dentist scares the living shit out of me?

I had to go in yesterday for a deep scale cleaning. They numbed my whole mouth which gives me anxiety. I hate not having control of things. I must say that my teeth look really awesome today. My dentist said if I come every three months that it will always just be maintenance and no numbing again. I think I am at the point in my life to start up keep. All these years I only go when I need a tooth pulled or cavity filled. Amazingly I have only had two teeth pulled besides my wisdom teeth. That may seem like a lot to most people, but I have only been to a dentist about 8 times my whole life and I am 37. The dentist was actually pretty impressed on how good of condition my teeth were. No cavities either. So today even though my mouth is sore, my teeth are sparkling white and no more tea stains.

Don't get me wrong though. I am still scared shitless of the dentist. I am not scared of needles or the shots, those don't bother me at all. It is the metal against my teeth, that freaks the hell out of me. Which makes me wonder if I went to the dentist like I did the RE, if I would get used to the treatments and it would be a walk in the park? Maybe I should ask if I can come in a few times a week for a few years, LOL. I know that I would have the best teeth ever and probably a special little "customer of the year" award.

In crafting news, I have one more baby boy blanket I need to quilt and finish. Think I will do that again this weekend. I have a set of twin blankets to do for a VERY special blogger friend. I am just waiting to see what they are going to be. I am hoping both girls because I need want to make more girl quilts, they are so cute! I seriously never knew how rewarding it is to do something for other people and not expect anything back in return. I won't lie, I have always considered myself a selfish person and haven't really done anything for other without expecting something in return. This was until I suffered through infertility and then I noticed there was so much more in life then ourselves and selfishness needed to be gone. Maybe I am still being selfish because it makes me feel so good to do this. 

Here is a quilt I am debating on doing. I am not really feeling it, but my husband seems to think it will turn out awesome when I am finished:

If I decide not to go forward with this pattern, I still have endless quilt projects lined up. One of my good friends told me that rule of thumb: If you are not feeling it, don't do it. You will have doubts all through the process and not like the finished product.

OH! Before I forget, I had my hair done this weekend and ALL the gray is gone!!!
I LOVE IT! Of course my stylist is pretty amazing also :) Even though she is always running late LOL. Yes Roxanne I am talking about you! Haha!

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