Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pee Sticks and Falling off fingernails.

Talk about mixing a post up huh! First things first. Since I have been bleeding so heavy I took hpt last night to see how light or dark it was. Good news ladies, the line is pretty light so by Thursday my levels could be zero or close to.

 I fooled you! I know many thought my addiction to pee sticks were through now that we are done with treatment. Nope!

On to the bad news, sigh. I am a zombie or becoming one. For the last few months I have had some nasty stuff going on with my fingernails. Ridges and very dark spots in my nails. I asked around and was told by many people that it could be bad fingernail polish. So I took off my polish and left it off for about three weeks. No improvement so I covered those nasty suckers up. Well for the past few days my pinky has been feeling kinda mushy. Like my nail is moving around, but I didn't see any breaks. Yesterday while at work I looked at it and was able to lift nail up from nail bed. It is only connected at the very bottom of my nail into the cuticle. Of course I figure it is better for me to rip it off then the doctor. Didn't work. I have appointment at 9:40 this morning. Although I am writing the Walking Dead to see if I have enough stuff falling off and full of fungus to possibly join season 4. That would rock!
Here is a pic of my zombie digit(s).

 I've decided while at the doctor I am going to ask her about the extreme tiredness and chest pains I have been having for the last week. 

I will update you guys. Leaving with ten fingers and toes, hoping to come back with ten :)

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