Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Most of you will look at the RR and think maybe rest & relaxation? Nope. Road Rage. I won't lie I have been known to have some serious road rage issues. I know how stupid this sounds, but I hate that asshole drivers can drive like that and there is no consequences. I see it daily. Cutting through traffic at a 100mph on 5 o'clock traffic, cutting people off, riding your ass etc.. Well my biggest driving peeve is:

The drivers who stay in the left fucking closing lane until the very end. Even though the other two lanes are almost at a stop. They ride it out to the very end and then literally push their way in, well ........ not while I am driving. I have amazing insurance and almost a perfect driving record. Yesterday this happened to me and the guy was out of lane and literally two inches away from my car trying to push in and I was not allowing this to happen. You might ask why I just didn't let him in and go on driving? Because at that very moment he met a person that will not take his asshole driving and let it pass. I didn't scream or flip him off, in fact I didn't even look over at him, but I was NOT moving my ass out of the lane I had been backed up in for fifteen minutes.

Is this considered road rage? Honestly are any of you that person? Or do you get so tired of those people on the roads all the time? I always told Al I wanted a huge monster truck with a fog horn and I guarantee those people would think about how they were driving when I was done with them. I could be some kind of traffic superhero. Saving all our law abiding good driving citizens from these ass wipes. I would even wear a cape and all. I think it would be pretty cool. My full time job would be driving up and down the interstates just waiting.Since that isn't a reality that would pay my bills then I will keep doing the little bit I can. 

Hope everyone has a great day and if you work in a big city, I know, you know what I am talking about!

You all know this guy right here! Haha I stopped you in your tracks yesterday. You can eat my Lincoln butt Mr. Asshole driver :)

Before I forget: I have a fun quilt that I will be starting within the next week. Can't wait to share the details with you .

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