Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend & Quilt #4

Well our weekend didn't go exactly as planned. I have been bleeding heavily and cramping since last Thursday. I took a hpt and my lines are are SUPER dark. Thankfully I go in next Thursday for blood work to see where my levels actually are. The casino we planned on going to was about 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from home. I wasn't feeling to great so decided we would stay closer to home. I will skip all the details, but we lost money this weekend. Of course that doesn't bother us, we go just to have fun anyway, and we did. After going to numerous casinos we threw the towel and and headed back to town. I was able to stop by the quilting shop to get more fabric and materials.

Here is the topper of my quilt #4 for Amanda and her little boy.

I am particularly proud of this quilt. This is the first one I haven't used the pre-cut squares and picked everything out myself and cut myself. Pretty cute :) I am going to finish the backing in the cute orange and yellow poka dots.

I know I have been posting ALOT of my quilting on here and I really hope you ladies don't mind. I just found something that makes me happy and helps me move forward instead of sitting in the corner sulking and stressing about things that I can't change. 

I do promise to keep posting about other things also. I appreciate all the support and all of you, plus a few sticking with my through everything. I was a little apprehensive I would lose followers once we stopped treatments, but I didn't lose even one! That really shows me that my followers are amazing woman with hearts of gold. I don't know what I would do without you!

Coming later this week:  Our redneck tarp project on the back fence. Oh yes I will be posting pictures of that. How could I not???

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Remember it is one day closer to Friday!


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