Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday, Plus This & That

Well ladies my fake camera came in two days ago. Project "tarp the backyard redneck" will be in full force on Sunday. I sit here laughing at the things we find ourselves doing for comfort and peace of mind. Yes, pictures will be shared on Monday! While talking about  mountain man " next door idiot", I have been so giddy the last few days and let me tell you why. Our neighbor to the north, Bill (super nice and sweet man) is watching a golden retreiver for one of his friends from church. He has a large kennel out in the back of his yard and almost on the fence line of mountain man @sshole's yard. This dog he watches barks 24/7! Of course it is a little annoying, but I choose to look at the positive side of this situation. If it is bothering Al and I then I know it is driving mountain man CRAZY!!!!! So I just sit back in between barks and laugh :) Of course the dog is absolutely precious and I always want to go over and bring him home with my clan. He will be leaving tomorrow to go back home to his family though.

On the quilt front, I started (1) out of (2) quilts for the little Griswold twins! I am really excited about this project and two girls, how exciting and fun! They will both have the same fabric but I will design each with a different pattern. Here is the beginning of quilt #1...

For any new followers, please see the top quilt tab on my blog for information about my quilts.

Okay on ttc front there is some news: My hcg levels are down to 114. I go in next Wednesday for u/s and blood work just to make sure everything is quiet and on track after miscarriage.  I also broke down and made a call to Dr. Kwak Kim yesterday. We are going to send our records to her clinic and try to get in this fall for testing. For some reason I have a nagging feeling in my gut that we aren't getting pregnant because of immune issues. This is fixable. Al agreed and thought we should know for sure. More news: I am going to start Femara at home with no supervision from RE clinic. I got the okay from doctor. I know I said no more treatment and in my mind taking a few pills isn't considered treatment. But, either way I still want a chance at maybe getting pregnant before menopause.

So that is all for today folks. Stay tuned.......................................................

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