Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Future Baby Making Plans

Since my levels will soon be zero, that brings up the question of what is next. I have told everyone that our days of treatment are over. That still holds true to an extent. I have decided with cd1 of next cycle I am going to start temping and charting. This is something I tried years ago and failed miserably. I am hoping that will give us some information on if I am ovulating etc. I have also decided to start back on my baby aspirin, fish oil, vitamin D,  and foliate. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of what treatment consists of, shall we.

We are NOT going to move forward with any treatments through the RE office. No IUI's etc. I am considering going back on femara at home with no supervision. I have spoke with my RE about this and he sees no problem going back on it. I will not be triggering or going in for monitoring unless special circumstances arise. 2 out of 3 cycles we got pregnant on Femara. One was with a femara iui and one was with femara and TI at home. 

I am very much looking forward to my levels hitting zero. I have never bled for almost a month consistently. I know things are winding down and I am start to get optimistic again. I think that AL and I can do this. Maybe not in a month or maybe even a few, but I really think we will get pregnant semi naturally. 

We are still moving forward with our lives and traveling, vacations and just us time. We are no longer going to be held hostage to ttc. So in many ways our lives will be different.

If or when we do manage to get pregnant I will not be going to the RE office for multiple betas etc. I will go in after 6 weeks to see if there is a viable pregnancy. I absolutely WILL not put myself through the hell of betas and u/s's and waiting to see what is going to happen. Yes I know many of you are calling bullshit to yourselves. Just remember I am a determined person when my mind is put to something. I am done with infertility running my life. That is something I know for sure.

Here are to new days ahead filled with all new possibilities!

Oh I will also be seeing the specialist when my referral goes through for the Lupus stuff. I was told it will be months though. I will keep you updated on that. I am putting that crap on the back burner until I see a doctor and there is something saying I have the disease.

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