Hoppers Pregnancy

 Under Dr. Kims Protocol throughout my entire pregnancy I was on 80mg of Lovenox, had weekly IVIG infusions, took steriods, baby aspirin, metformin, iron, fish oil and also glyburide for gestational diabetes:

Our 1st u/s 5w5d
Two babies, two heartbeats.

I started bleeding heavily at 6 weeks, passing huge clots and bright red blood, but my little hoppers stayed put. I continued to pass clots and bleed heavily until 17 weeks pregnant

18 Weeks we found out we were having two girls!

24 Weeks

 Admitted to hospital at 28 weeks with no cervix and starting to dilate. Given steroids and stopped contractions. Last u/s pics of the girls before being born:

Girls were born exactly 30 weeks. My last bump pic (done the day before)
Lilah Grace was 3lbs and Olivia June was 3lbs 5oz.

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