Monday, March 31, 2014

OB Consult

I meant to blog about this last Friday before all the bleeding scare. I think I have an OB. Let me start from the beginning. When I was about 5 weeks pregnant, Al and I were having a conversation about finding an OB that would be sensitive to a recovering infertile. Yes I am one of those woman that believe we should get special attention when moving forward to seeing the OB. Well I am not sure how many of you know, but my dear husband works at the hospital that we see the RE. He does all the contracts for the hospital so this puts Al in a great position to have a wonderful relationship with all the directors throughout the hospital. I asked Al to call in a favor. He contacted the director of Obstetrics and explained our four  year battle along with our miscarriages and now my care under Dr. Kim (who is very controversial). He was able to find what he thought was the perfect doctor for us. I wanted to wait before we spoke with him just because of my past. But, I decided last week to give Al the okay for this doctor to call and talk to me. I received the phone call on Friday while getting my infusion. He introduced himself and asked me to please give him our history, concerns etc. After a long half hour conversation I felt we have found the perfect doctor. He is going to go along with Dr. Kim's protocol and not fight me on it. He also said since I am carrying twins and on the blood thinners that I will be considered high risk (which is pretty common) with multiples. He is also going to get me set up with the high risk doctors through OU and he said I will be getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks. I explained to him that if I freak out and need an u/s asap, will he be able to do this for me? Even if it  happens numerous times? His answer was "of course". So I think I am very happy with our choice. 

DId I just really make the leap and pick an OB? Wow shit is getting so real. I sit here daily and look at the u/s pictures and still can't believe this happened to me and these are my babies. It just doesn't seem real. God knows I fought my ass off to get here and I deserve every second of it. 

Today I am 6W5D. My next u/s is Wednesday. Hoping for some more growing babies and good news. 

Symptom wise:
HUNGRY all the time
Did I mention Hungry?

I heard from a blogger the other day that being on prednisone cuts down on morning sickness. I get a little nauseous in the evenings, but nothing worth saying I have sickness for sure. 

Still waiting on my boobs to grow a little? 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Big Scare

Remember how everything has been going perfect since the beginning of this pregnancy? Well that came to a complete stop last night. It was about 6 pm and I felt a huge gush of something warm going down my leg. I went to the bathroom and my worst fears were realized. My panties were full of blood and as I sat down a huge splash hit the toilet. I looked and there was a blood clot about the size of my hand with LOTS of red blood. I called my RE and told him what just happened. No cramps, no back pain, just blood and huge clots. He told me to lay down for the rest of the night and come in this morning for a u/s. As you can imagine I didn't sleep at all last night. I think it was one of the longest nights of my life. So please excuse all the typos and grammar mistakes. 

We went in this morning and immediately saw two gestational sacs measuring .  The sacs are measuring 6w6d. Baby "A" is measuring 6w4d with a heartbeat of 123bpm. Baby "B' is measuring 6w3d with a heartbeat of 120bpm. As you can see on the attached u/s there is a third sac right at the bottom of Baby "B" (which is top pic). At this point he is unsure if that is a third gestational sac or a fluid sac in where the blood is coming from. Now on to his main concern. He is very concerned at the amount of lovenox I am taking daily. He said that he wouldn't even prescribe a patient with an active lung blood clot 80 mg daily. He is concerned that Dr. Kim is in Chicago and I am here being on such a high dose. He said it is completely my decision and he will support me regardless, but is not surprised I am bleeding on this dosage and will most likely continue to bleed. I won't lie, I think he has a valid point. I was only diagnosed with clotting factors. I am going to talk talk with Dr. Kim, but I think after discussions with Al and Dr. H I am going to stay with 40mg a day from here on out.

Any ideas on the lovenox from ladies that are familiar with this? Even though I am scared shit less of the bleeding, I am so thankful we had two heartbeats today.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Inspirational Infertility Friday & Stuff

I won't lie. It is taking everything I have daily to convince myself everything is going well. I think mainly it is because I am pregnant with twins and I hardly have any symptoms. I know so many woman think that symptoms equal a healthy pregnancy, but we all know there is no truth in that. Basically every persons body reacts differently to pregnancy hormones. Although I might not mind having the false sense of security right now instead of just having faith that the babies are growing and doing everything they are suppose to. I keep reminding myself that this hasn't been like any of my previous pregnancies. I have excellent hcg levels, my progesterone is sky high and that is something I've never had, even on supplements. They were able to detect a heartbeat at 5w5d which is a great sign. I was measuring ahead on both gestational sacs and one baby. So why does the doubt keep trying to make its way in?? Can I just bypass to about 12 weeks? 

Still thankful to be sitting here right now with these problems though. So thankful! 

I have my infusion later today and next u/s is Monday. I will be 6W5D. Hoping the Baby "B'' has done some growing and they both look great with little heartbeats.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

6 Weeks

Today I am celebrating 6 weeks! Everyday that I am pregnant is one day longer I feel so blessed to to have "the hoppers" with me. I am still almost symptom free. My main issue is insomnia, but I am dealing with it just fine. I get the occasional nausea feeling, I am always hungry and still some cramping here and there. I told both bosses yesterday. Al and I made the decision that we wouldn't hide this pregnancy for the fear of losing the babies. Since we are done with treatments, this is very well our last pregnancy and we want to celebrate every minute of it. No worries though, we aren't doing any facebook announcements for A LONG time. I explained to my boss yesterday that it is still very possible we won't come home with any babies and that it is still very early. He said he was going to stay optimistic and know we would come home with two. He said he was very excited to have the need now to come up with a maternity leave policy since we don't have anything in place. We talked about hiring someone to take my place for a few months. Unfortunately one of the co-workers I have can't remember her name half of the time and I told him we couldn't expect her to pick up slack  around here because of her thousands of disabilities (mentally). He agreed. We still have plenty of time and many things can change from day to day.

I put my u/s picture on my computer so I can look at this beautiful sight daily until next Monday.
On another note, I want you to know that I do understand if you are still in the trenches or in a bad place right now. I hope you understand that I do have to celebrate this for me. As long as I am allowed to be pregnant I will be posting on my blog about it. So I totally understand if you need to step back and not follow me for the time at hand. It is not my intention to hurt anyone, but I also need to do this for me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Immune Treatments

Am I a believer in immune treatments now? Yes. Although it is still very early in this pregnancy and there is still a real chance that I will not have any babies to take home in nine months, I believe with all my heart that seeking Dr. Kim's help and the new protocol is the one and only reason I am here.  I really urge any of my followers that are having recurrent losses to please check  your resources on seeing Reproductive Immunologist. I can tell you that Al and I don't have any infertility insurance and didn't pay anything out of pocket to see Dr. Kim. We were later billed, but most of it was billed to immune issues which is covered. We ended up paying a few hundred dollars for the testing and initial consult with her. I won't lie, the protocol is not for the faint of heart, it requires A LOT. A lot of testing, a lot of medications, a lot of persistence, but I worth every bit of it.

I still till this day receive negative feedback from so many doctors and they said there is NO proof in immune treatment. There are NO studies to back up the fact it does work. The only thing I need to know is............ after many years of doing the same treatment that didn't work, I tried something new and so far the results are amazing.

I sit here and think where I would be right now if I didn't make the decision last year to see Dr. Kim. If I would have listened to my doctors, I know that seeing her wouldn't have been an option. 

So any of you out there, please remember to do what you feel is right in your heart. Sometimes this goes againist everything that has been told to you.

Will I still sit here and agree with this post even if we end up losing both of these babies? 


Monday, March 24, 2014

U/S Update

Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to get home safely before posting, since I have two on board.


Both measuring ahead.

One had hb of 103 today
Second one you could see hb, but it wasn't strong enough to be picked up on u/s just yet.
This is pretty amazing news for 5W5D pregnant. I didn't think I would see more then gestational sac and yolk sac.

We are shocked. I think it will take a few days for this to soak in. I don't even feel pregnant!

The u/s pic didn't really pick up second baby that well at this angle, but he/she is definitely there!

We go back in next Monday for second u/s. I will be 6W5D.....

Big Day

Well today is a pretty big appointment. I go in for my 5w5d ultrasound at 3:30 cst. How am I feeling? Either surprisingly calm or just completely numb. I know that I am not full of anxiety. Maybe I know that whatever is going to be will be? I will update later today with what the findings are.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I find that patience is one of my biggest weaknesses. So today I take deep breaths and remind myself that I am not in control of this situation only how I handle it.

4 days until u/s.

Today I am 5W1D. No symptoms. Still no bleeding!! That is a huge accomplishment right there. Insomnia is kicking my ass because of Prednisone, but all and all everything is absolutely perfect and I feel so blessed to be here at this point, at this moment. Regardless what happens, I will always have these memories today and that is priceless :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HCG Calculator

Baby Med finally got their hcg calculator fixed!!

I hope this is a good sign.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beta # 4

Sorry it is so late in the day. I know that some of you have been waiting on this number...........

...................................HCG was 7040

Doubling time of 45 hours which is absolutely amazing when levels are this high.

My first u/s is going to be next Monday at 3:30. They said if I start to freak out before then that I can come in on Friday and have one, but my doctor won't be in the office and only a nurse practitioner will be there to do it. I feel better just waiting to see my doctor.

Today was my last beta and my last pee stick. For the next week I am working on complete faith that there will be a little baby in there.

20DPO & Beta #4

The past four days has been a long wait! Yesterday I had a minor major freak out because the Clearblue Easy weeks estimator still said 2-3 weeks. According to those test that would mean my levels were still under 2,000. I read the instructions and it stated clearly to take these tests with FMU only (which I did not). I retested this morning and it said 3+ weeks. I know my levels will be over 2,000 today, but hope they are much higher. I need at least doubling which would be 3,240. Of course my nurse said this morning that I didn't need doubling at this point since my levels were so high, but I would feel better if I have at least that number and even higher.

Here are my sticks from today (20DPO or 4w6d):

I have another infusion today at 2 so it will be later in the day before I can update on my beta. I need all the good wishes you can send me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


After much thought and consideration over the weekend I decided to put up a pregnancy ticker. The main reason for doing this is to celebrate that today I am pregnant. Al and I had a long talk and decided if this pregnancy doesn't work that we won't continue trying until summer. This is it, our last shot, our "Hail Mary".  I want to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy no matter how long it lasts, but hoping it lasts for a long while :)

Today I am 18DPO or 4w4d pregnant. My tests finally stopped progressing and have pulled out of the control line as much as I think they possibly can. My wondfos are as dark as control line. Now there is no way to know if my levels are rising until my beta on Tuesday. I know there are definitely things that are different on this cycle verses all my other pregnancy cycles:

  • I've had NO spotting and/or bleeding this cycle. On 10DPO there was one drop of pink stuff followed by a spot of dark brown and nothing more since then.

  •  No horrible backaches starting at early this time. I have had some mild back discomfort, but no where close to other cycles.

  • Higher hcg levels BIG TIME. My pregnancy with Circle I had record low hcg levels. I am hoping this makes a huge difference. Here is the comparison:

Pregnancy in 2012 (Circle)
Beta #1 12DPO 16.9, progesterone 23 
Beta #2 14DPO 44.7, progesterone 27
Beta #3 16DPO 112, 
Beta #4 18DPO 221, progesterone 24
Beta #5 20DPO 433, progesterone 30
Beta #6 24DPO 1738, progesterone 29

This Pregnancy 2014
Beta #1 (12DPIUI/12DPO)-HCG-257, Progesterone 40+, Estrogen 1507
Beta #2 (14DPIUI/14DPO)- HCG 621, Progesterone 40+
Beta #3 (16DPIUI/16DPO)- HCG 1620, Progesterone 40+

  • I've had a lot of shortness of breath for almost a week now. I was told this is because of my high levels of progesterone.
  • Cramping, but different then other times ( hard to explain).
  • No nausea this cycle
Now I do have a few similar symptoms and insomnia is one. I think I can contribute that to the 20 mg daily of Prednisone though.

As of today I am pregnant and I am happy. Because of history with all my losses I will go in early for an u/s. I will find out Tuesday. Please keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Beta #3 Results

Beta #1 12DPO 257
Beta #2 14DPO 621           Doubling time was 37.71 hours
Beta #3 16DPO 1620         Doubling time was 34.70 hours

Beta #4 is on Tuesday and I will go in for early u/s around 5 weeks.

Beta #3 and Lovenox

Well today is beta #3. I will update later this afternoon with the results. Here are my pee stick pics from this morning 16DPO.

I also would love some feedback from lovenox users. Any of you that went on to get pregnant, did your bruising get much worse after the BFP? Did you increase your dosage? Since I increased my two 40mg 2x daily I am bruising with almost every injection. I have tried below belly on side of belly on top of belly etc. It is really more of a nuisance verses anything else.

Don't mind the bloating :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dr. Kim update

I heard back from Dr. Kims office about my IVIG I had done on 2/28. It looks like my levels are coming down somewhat. I won't send in blood work from my infusion I had yesterday for another week. I did get an email from her this morning and my infusions have been increased. For the time being I will be getting one infusion every week for at least the next three weeks and they evaluate where to go from there. This does cause me to have a dilemma.  Since the infusions take at least four hours, I have to miss half a day of work. In the past my boss was always aware of my treatment, pregnancies and losses. He is very supportive, but I hate missing all this work. This is definitely a personal thing and probably wouldn't bother most people, but I have a co-workers that misses work ALL the time for medical related stuff (such as having to spit in a tube). I don't want him to think that I am missing to much work (even though I don't think he would). I think that depending on what Friday blood work shows, I might have to tell him I am pregnant again. I already asked my home health care nurse if she could come to my office and do infusion. She can so that is an option. I probably won't say anything to him until next Monday and that is if everything is still progressing. My husband is kind of freaking out about the cost of the infusions. So far we haven't received our first billing for them so it is up in the air on the cost. I do know that most of these infusions are a couple thousand, but our insurance covers it so I think we are only looking at paying our yearly deductible ( if I understood correctly) and that would top out at $1,400. So anything after would be covered in full. Since this is our last shot, I feel I need to do everything possible to make it work and that includes getting an infusion weekly, but I still feel bad for missing work. Hopefully my levels will continue to come down and my infusions will be less over time. Dr. Kim told me that I would need to continue with them into the second trimester.

I have been doing so much better with my side effects! Now main side effects are mild headache and flu symptoms (walk in the park)~


Today is 15DPIUI or 4W1D. I am still testing and my lines are still getting darker each day. For the past few days the test line has been pulling from the control line. As of right now everything is looking perfect, yet I sit here and still won't think about a future with a baby. I can't think about a nursery, boy/girl, being pregnant, maternity clothes etc. My husband won't say anything but " It is still early and we need to wait". I feel so bad for him. I never ever wanted him to be so scarred from all of this. I never wanted him to experience the pain from our losses. He we both are so scared to even think about this pregnancy for the time being. I know that many of you out there say that "today you are pregnant" and yes that is true, but I think this has become a defense mechanism to protect myself after things didn't work. I do promise that if we make it to the u/s and have a beautiful heartbeat that I will start accepting all of this and be so happy :) Promise. I just need to make it through the next two weeks.

I have always said in this blog that infertility would not steal everything from me regardless if we got pregnant or not and I still believe that. Some days she has the upper hand, but more then not I do. So even if today she is winning the battle, I promise to come back ten fold and prevail. 

Somedays I wish I was naive and didn't know so much about this whole process. Boy would that make the days easier to deal with :)

Here are pics from 14DPO and 15DPO tests. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beta # 2 Results

Sorry it took so long to update my blog, but I was having my infusion and it is hard to type on my phone.

Beta #1 12DPO- 257
Beta #2 14DPO- 621

Doubling time of 37.7 hours.

Dr. Kim wants my betas done every two days until my first u/s. Beta #3 will be on Friday and after a discussion with my clinic this morning I am going to wait until next Tuesday for beta #4. They will bring me in for an early u/s ( probably around 5 weeks) which will be next Wednesday.

Please keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers that this is the one! I know it is so easy to fall into the pits while going through this process after having so many chemical and miscarriages. I am remaining hopeful and realistic all at the same time. So far this cycle is the best I've ever had and according to my levels are absolutely perfect and even on the higher side of normal.  I found this excerpt in a blog earlier and thought it was interesting. I am not sure if these studies are accurate, but it did make me feel a little better about this cycle:

"The good news? According to Horman et al from a 2000 study in Fertility and Sterility, when an hCG comes back over 500 on 16 dpo, the miscarriage rate by 20 weeks drops to less than 5%. That's right. Instead of the usual, 20-25% miscarriage rate they give you, with hCG over 500, you are in a whole new range of goodness. Although age plays a minor factor (the older you are, the higher the hCG needs to be to in the good place), they still aruge that absolute beta values are related to viability of the pregnancy.

However, according to another research study by Zayed et al in the 2001 Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics (I'm not sure that's the right name of the journal!), when either the 14 or 16 dpo HCG is over 500, the odds of having twins are about 50-50. Over 700 and you're approaching 100% chance of twins. However, I criticize this study for having a low number of participants. Nonethelss, according to what I can see in, we're probably around 50-50 chance for twins based on our scores."

Working with multiple doctors

First of all please excuse my grammar because it sucks!

I am writing this post today in hopes that it will help others with their care and especially when under the care of a (RI) and (RE).

I knew from the moment I decided to get a second opinion last September and go see an RI that I would hit resistance. In fact I prepared for this to happen and so far I have not been let down. When you start researching Reproductive Immunology you will find many doctors that think there is no science, studies etc. to back the treatment chosen. In most cases such as mine you have many markers that are tested such as:

APS (Antiphospholipid syndrome is a disorder in which your immune system mistakenly produces antibodies against certain normal proteins in your blood. Antiphospholipid syndrome can cause blood clots to form within your arteries or veins as well as pregnancy complications, such as miscarriages and stillbirths

ANA ( The immune system makes an abundance of proteins called antibodies. Antibodies are made by white blood cells and they recognize and combat infectious organisms in the body. Sometimes these antibodies make a mistake, identifying normal, naturally-occurring proteins in our bodies as being "foreign" and dangerous. The antibodies that target “normal” proteins within the nucleus of a cell are called antinuclear antibodies (ANA). ANAs could signal the body to begin attacking itself which can lead to autoimmune diseases, including lupus, scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, polymyositis/ dermatomyositis, mixed connective tissue disease, drug-induced lupus, and autoimmune hepatitis. A positive ANA can also be seen in juvenile arthritis.

MTHFR ( The MTHFR gene provides instructions for making an enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This enzyme plays a role in processing amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase is important for a chemical reaction involving forms of the B-vitamin folate (also called folic acid or vitamin B9). Specifically, this enzyme converts 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. This reaction is required for the multistep process that converts the amino acid homocysteine to another amino acid, methionine. The body uses methionine to make proteins and other important compounds.

There are many others, but these are the main things tested. Blood flow is also another huge component in re current miscarriages.

After seeing Dr. Kim in September, I was put on a specific protocol that ALL my other doctors were against and told me that they thought the treatment had absolutely NO basis. I was told by one doctor that my medications were completely uncalled for and " In her experience all reproductive immunologist through every single treatment at you at once and that is the reason for success. They don't know exactly what is helping because you are on every medication possible" Is this true? For all of you out there struggling right now, would you care if you were taking every medication possible to get pregnant and it worked? For me it doesn't really matter.

Well lets get back to my protocol by Dr. Kim.
Daily lovenox injections
Daily steroids
IVIG (donor plasma infusions) now twice a week
many vitamins

A complete panel of expensive bloodwork to be sent over night every four weeks to her office. Once pregnant it is done every two weeks. The blood tests you have done while under the care of an RI is crazy. There is absolutely no other way of putting it. Of course you are on some serious medications and do need to be closely monitored.

Which brings me to today:

I went in for beta #2 this morning. I thought it was weird when one of the RN's who usually works with ivf patients called me back into the room. She started off by reading the orders from Dr. Kim and asking who exactly was managing my care? She then went on to tell me how all of these tests that Dr. K wants makes absolutely no sense and she doesn't see what exact information is to be seen out of them. They feel that I am being taken advantage of for money and hopes that is not the case. One thing I have learned after all these years of treatment is..............I ADVOCATE FOR ME. This sometimes doesn't work with what the doctors think is the best option, but I am past that point. I do like my RE office and it is filled with sweet and caring people, but after failed ivfs, and iuis, they weren't getting anything accomplished. Does this new treatment work? That is still up in the air, but at this point I will give it as much of a chance as I did treatment through my current RE. I do know this for sure, I will get the treatment and care I need. I don't care if it comes from one doctor, two doctors or more. I don't care if they don't agree with each other. I am paying all of them and they will work with me. This is one thing that you have to realize. Research, educate and always stand up for your own care. As much as the doctors want to help, they will never care as much about your health as you do. Don't be afraid to disagree, don't be afraid to get other opinions and even if they are questionable to your current care provider. Do whatever it takes to get the help you need.

Is Dr. Kims treatment plan a lot? Is it overkill? Yeah it probably is, but that is something I am willing to pay extra for and accept. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Beta #2 results later today. My wondfo was lighter this morning and FRER was the same as yesterday. This could go either way today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


For anyone that knows me, they know I am a complete freak when it comes to pee sticks. Yes I do need an intervention :) but there is still plenty left to darken these things up. I haven't started pulling from the control line yet and this might be the time. I know that some of you may be tired of looking at them, but this is a type of therapy for me. I want to document every moment of this pregnancy just as I have all the others.

Dr. Kim called and I have another infusion tomorrow afternoon along with beta #2. Tomorrow is a big day and fingers crossed that I have doubling numbers. This would be a huge step in the right direction.

And before I forget:

I haven't had time to respond to every persons comments within the past week, but please know that your support means so much to me. Through the good times and the bad times, this community has always been so giving and caring.

Thank you!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Beta #1 Results 12DPO

I got the call. Her exact words were " Tonisha you are definitely pregnant"
HCG - 257
Progesterone is 40+
Estrogen 1507

I go back in on Wednesday to see if my levels are doubling.

I also heard back from Dr. Kim's clinic and my infusions will now be every two weeks instead of four.

Beta #1 Today

Well I just got back from the doctors office. I should have results later this afternoon. Until then I will leave you with today's pee sticks.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Well tomorrow is beta #1. So far I am feeling pretty good about all of this. I took a First Response Rapid Result test this morning (it has sensitivity of 50 hcg) and easily got a second line.

Here is progression with the Early Result (25hcg)

 Here is pic of the Rapid Result (50 hcg)

I think it is pretty safe to assume my levels are near 50 today. We shall see tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

10DPIUI Pee Sticks

I have put a lot of thought into posting my sticks on my blog and decided I want to document this pregnancy just like all the others I've had. So if you don't want to see progression pics daily, please skip my blog for a bit. It has been so helpful for me to look back at other pregnancies and compare each one. Hopefully this is the last one.

I go in for beta #1 on Monday. I will be 12DPIUI. Dr. Kim wants me to go in every two days until ultrasound (if needed).  So far so good.

Friday, March 7, 2014


So this is what happened:

I am waiting to hear back from Dr. K. She said as soon as I get a positive test that I am to increase my lovenox to 80mg daily and increase my prednisone to 20mg daily. I called my other clinic and made an appointment for Monday to have beta. I wanted to wait just in case this is a chemical pregnancy. I should have a better idea in a few days. It has been about 14 months since I was last pregnant. I hope that with the new medications, this one might stick around.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Little Couple

Last night was the season premiere for The Little Couple. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this couple (Bill & Jenn). They live in Houston and both have a form of dwarfism (not sure if that is the correct term or not). This couple struggled to have a baby but it was to dangerous for Jenn. She had a miscarriage and went through ivf to have some embryos for a surrogate. Unfortunately they were never able to have a family this way and finally decided to move forward with adoption. There son Will was adopted from China and now they have a daughter that is adopted from India. On their trip to India Jenn was very sick and now they found out she has uterine cancer. There are absolutely not enough words for me to describe what a true inspiration this couple is to me personally. Not once have I ever heard them ask "why me" or feel sorry for the situation life gave them. Instead they chose to move forward and deal with what they have control of.

Even though our struggle is coming to an end, I can only hope that I am half as strong as she is. It is trials like this that truly define you as what type of person you become. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

IVIG & Random Things

Well my infusion went perfectly on Friday. It took a total of four hours and Dr. Kim is also having them run saline through along with the medications to help with reactions. Since this infusion went well, I am going to contact Dr. K's office and see if they will let me go back to the recommended dose of 25 grams and maybe just do the infusion over two days. Other wise we would be looking at an eight hour infusion and as much as I love and adore my home health care nurse, I don't want to entertain someone that long. Not including I have to get up to pee every 20 minutes. I do love the fact that I get plenty of hydration during infusion time though.

I don't know about any of you, but I STRUGGLE to consume water like I am suppose to. When I say struggle, I mean I literally have to gag the stuff down. To bad ice tea won't fill the quota of liquid. If that were the case, I would absolutely have this in the bag. 

Well this weekend we had a nice little ice/snow storm with something we like to call "thundersleet". I am not sure if any of you out there have experienced thundersleet, but it is a pretty freaking awesome occurrence. My poor dogs were going crazy and running around the back yard barking and growling. They couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from. It was pretty darn entertaining. 

Here is my favorite picture of my spoiled animals enjoying a lazy Sunday in front of the fire. These two love each other so much and constantly lay by each other and on each other. It is the cutest thing ever!

Two dogs and one husband.