Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Immune Treatments

Am I a believer in immune treatments now? Yes. Although it is still very early in this pregnancy and there is still a real chance that I will not have any babies to take home in nine months, I believe with all my heart that seeking Dr. Kim's help and the new protocol is the one and only reason I am here.  I really urge any of my followers that are having recurrent losses to please check  your resources on seeing Reproductive Immunologist. I can tell you that Al and I don't have any infertility insurance and didn't pay anything out of pocket to see Dr. Kim. We were later billed, but most of it was billed to immune issues which is covered. We ended up paying a few hundred dollars for the testing and initial consult with her. I won't lie, the protocol is not for the faint of heart, it requires A LOT. A lot of testing, a lot of medications, a lot of persistence, but I worth every bit of it.

I still till this day receive negative feedback from so many doctors and they said there is NO proof in immune treatment. There are NO studies to back up the fact it does work. The only thing I need to know is............ after many years of doing the same treatment that didn't work, I tried something new and so far the results are amazing.

I sit here and think where I would be right now if I didn't make the decision last year to see Dr. Kim. If I would have listened to my doctors, I know that seeing her wouldn't have been an option. 

So any of you out there, please remember to do what you feel is right in your heart. Sometimes this goes againist everything that has been told to you.

Will I still sit here and agree with this post even if we end up losing both of these babies? 



  1. Honestly, I believe the reason there is zero data for this aspect is simply because people fail to do the proper experiments to test this. The truth is that investigating infertility and it's causes is something that isn't a priority in the world. Cancer: absolutely. Diabetes: sure. Infertility: one big NO. The reason has to do with cultural bias and even infertility myths. Yet I truly do believe that infertility (like cancer, diabetes and heart issues) is linked to a more systemic problem. And until people change their viewpoints and start making it a priority, the money to attract qualified researchers who can design the experiments to address this will not be there.

    All that said, I think you are a shining example of why one needs to be their own advocate. It frustrates me that your clinic is still giving you crap despite the evidence otherwise. You did everything they suggested and it didn't work. They even washed their hands of you. But when you come forward with a protocol that is clearly working, then they offer advice?!?! I think your RE needs to reconsider some things.

    Keep fighting for your family T. And take this pregnancy one step at a time.

    1. From what I understand, I am the only person from my clinic to pursue an RI. I totally agree with you about not enough doctors having knowledge or the research being done on this and like you said, until this is done there are going to be SO many people that unfortunately are being stuck with the wrong care.