Tuesday, March 18, 2014

20DPO & Beta #4

The past four days has been a long wait! Yesterday I had a minor major freak out because the Clearblue Easy weeks estimator still said 2-3 weeks. According to those test that would mean my levels were still under 2,000. I read the instructions and it stated clearly to take these tests with FMU only (which I did not). I retested this morning and it said 3+ weeks. I know my levels will be over 2,000 today, but hope they are much higher. I need at least doubling which would be 3,240. Of course my nurse said this morning that I didn't need doubling at this point since my levels were so high, but I would feel better if I have at least that number and even higher.

Here are my sticks from today (20DPO or 4w6d):

I have another infusion today at 2 so it will be later in the day before I can update on my beta. I need all the good wishes you can send me.


  1. Hoping for a fantastic 4th beta.ay the numbers be high and the infusion go smoothly.

  2. You are constantly in my thoughts!

  3. Hoping for great numbers. My cheapy tests didn't look as good as those. Good luck with the infusion.

  4. Praying sugars!! I am believing everything will be okay :)


  5. Sending all the good wishes I can muster for your 4th beta...and 5th and 6th and every beta after that until you have your babe!