Sunday, March 16, 2014


After much thought and consideration over the weekend I decided to put up a pregnancy ticker. The main reason for doing this is to celebrate that today I am pregnant. Al and I had a long talk and decided if this pregnancy doesn't work that we won't continue trying until summer. This is it, our last shot, our "Hail Mary".  I want to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy no matter how long it lasts, but hoping it lasts for a long while :)

Today I am 18DPO or 4w4d pregnant. My tests finally stopped progressing and have pulled out of the control line as much as I think they possibly can. My wondfos are as dark as control line. Now there is no way to know if my levels are rising until my beta on Tuesday. I know there are definitely things that are different on this cycle verses all my other pregnancy cycles:

  • I've had NO spotting and/or bleeding this cycle. On 10DPO there was one drop of pink stuff followed by a spot of dark brown and nothing more since then.

  •  No horrible backaches starting at early this time. I have had some mild back discomfort, but no where close to other cycles.

  • Higher hcg levels BIG TIME. My pregnancy with Circle I had record low hcg levels. I am hoping this makes a huge difference. Here is the comparison:

Pregnancy in 2012 (Circle)
Beta #1 12DPO 16.9, progesterone 23 
Beta #2 14DPO 44.7, progesterone 27
Beta #3 16DPO 112, 
Beta #4 18DPO 221, progesterone 24
Beta #5 20DPO 433, progesterone 30
Beta #6 24DPO 1738, progesterone 29

This Pregnancy 2014
Beta #1 (12DPIUI/12DPO)-HCG-257, Progesterone 40+, Estrogen 1507
Beta #2 (14DPIUI/14DPO)- HCG 621, Progesterone 40+
Beta #3 (16DPIUI/16DPO)- HCG 1620, Progesterone 40+

  • I've had a lot of shortness of breath for almost a week now. I was told this is because of my high levels of progesterone.
  • Cramping, but different then other times ( hard to explain).
  • No nausea this cycle
Now I do have a few similar symptoms and insomnia is one. I think I can contribute that to the 20 mg daily of Prednisone though.

As of today I am pregnant and I am happy. Because of history with all my losses I will go in early for an u/s. I will find out Tuesday. Please keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers. 


  1. So happy for you and glad to see you rejoice in the fact that you are pregnant! I have a really great feeling about this time for you! I am praying for you Al each night. Can't wait to hear the news on Tuesday.

    I have a gut feeling that it is triplets. Each time I come to your blog that is all I can think about.

  2. Good for you!!! I'm glad you're making this decision to embrace this pregnancy. I know if may seem cavalier, but I've yet to meet anyone who was glad they spent this time steeling themselves.

    I have so much hope for you. And though I know this is a scary period for you, all the signs look so promising. You and Al will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Good for you for putting up a ticker! You have so many reasons to celebrate this. I'm praying for you all the time.
    P.S. I'm kinda glad you put a ticker up b/c I was having to count the days to see how many week you were. hehehehehe!

  4. Most surely sending wishes your way...and it's hard I know but celebrate the day you can't get it back

  5. You never leave my thoughts and prayers friend! I"m glad that the ticker is up.. ;)

  6. Yay! I love the ticker!! Your betas do look amazing! I am so happy for you!

  7. You should enjoy this time, no matter how long it lasts - but hoping it lasts nine months (or maybe a little less, because I'm guessing it's twins)!

  8. I agree that you should enjoy every minute of this pregnancy. You deserve it and your numbers have been phenomenal! Prayers for Tuesday but I really believe this is your take-home baby!!!! Love the ticker.

  9. I had insomnia from the very beginning if my twin pregnancy! And unfortunately it lasted throughout. And here I am at 5:00am commenting because I'm not sleeping. Hopefully yours will last only a short time. Heck, maybe it's gone now that you've had your ultrasound?