Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beta # 2 Results

Sorry it took so long to update my blog, but I was having my infusion and it is hard to type on my phone.

Beta #1 12DPO- 257
Beta #2 14DPO- 621

Doubling time of 37.7 hours.

Dr. Kim wants my betas done every two days until my first u/s. Beta #3 will be on Friday and after a discussion with my clinic this morning I am going to wait until next Tuesday for beta #4. They will bring me in for an early u/s ( probably around 5 weeks) which will be next Wednesday.

Please keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers that this is the one! I know it is so easy to fall into the pits while going through this process after having so many chemical and miscarriages. I am remaining hopeful and realistic all at the same time. So far this cycle is the best I've ever had and according to my levels are absolutely perfect and even on the higher side of normal.  I found this excerpt in a blog earlier and thought it was interesting. I am not sure if these studies are accurate, but it did make me feel a little better about this cycle:

"The good news? According to Horman et al from a 2000 study in Fertility and Sterility, when an hCG comes back over 500 on 16 dpo, the miscarriage rate by 20 weeks drops to less than 5%. That's right. Instead of the usual, 20-25% miscarriage rate they give you, with hCG over 500, you are in a whole new range of goodness. Although age plays a minor factor (the older you are, the higher the hCG needs to be to in the good place), they still aruge that absolute beta values are related to viability of the pregnancy.

However, according to another research study by Zayed et al in the 2001 Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics (I'm not sure that's the right name of the journal!), when either the 14 or 16 dpo HCG is over 500, the odds of having twins are about 50-50. Over 700 and you're approaching 100% chance of twins. However, I criticize this study for having a low number of participants. Nonethelss, according to what I can see in, we're probably around 50-50 chance for twins based on our scores."


  1. This is the most amazing, incredible, thrilling news! Sending nothing but love your way my beautiful friend. xoxoxo

  2. OMG I'm over the moon for you!!! Yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Keep on keeping on baby!!

  3. This is wonderful news my dear! Wonderful numbers and thanks for those facts at the end. I have been struggling to believe my early pregnancy is going to stick around but my beta was over 800 at 16DPO and you just eased my mind!

    1. Should have said 600 not 800. At 5w2d it was 8000. I guess I got my numbers confused.

  4. This is such awesome news, and even better about the miscarriage rate being so low! I love any solid research that supports us for a change!

  5. Wow! Awesome number! Congrats! I'll be following!

  6. Wonderful news!!!! Keeping positive thoughts for you!!

  7. Great news! Thinking good thoughts for you!

  8. I'm still dancing for you! Well, as much as my large butt will alow. :)

  9. Oh I am so glad for you. What great numbers :)