Thursday, March 7, 2013

U/S Results

Even though the morning wasn't off to a good start do to being late because of horrible traffic, I had my favorite RE and nurse this morning. There are two RE's at the practice, mine is Dr. H and then there is Dr. C (and she is just amazing)! The good news is, most of the tissue has passed. There is some left and she said I will continue bleeding pretty heavily for the next week or so until it is gone. 

During the u/s she asked what I was up to this weekend. I explained to her about my project on the quilts and she almost started crying. Have I said how much I love this doctor? Nurse M then said she wants to learn how to quilt also and kept me in the room asking questions for a few minutes. Hopefully I can give her some pointers? I told her that I am completely self taught and have A LOT left to learn. I definitely wouldn't want to go to a quilt show with mine right now, LOL.

Anyway. I will have results of hcg levels later today.  A week in half ago it was around 23,900. Hoping for a bigger drop on today's levels.

A few of you have shown an interest in me starting a facebook quilters page. I am still trying to figure out what it would detail etc. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE feel free to let me know! 


Today was 1418. I am in the home stretch!

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