Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday. Why do you always come so fast and yet I have to wait so long for the weekend? I am almost starting to despise you as much as AF. That is a warning that you are some very thin ice with me.

Lets get started. Project "redneck tarp" was epic, epic fail! Our fence line is full of trees and bushes. I thought being the engineer I am "not" that we could trim and fit the tarp nice and neatly through the trees. Well that didn't work. Not only did that idea not work, the idea of putting the tarps up on the fence didn't work. Our fence line is east/west facing. I didn't think the wind would be an issue, wrong again. We managed to get two of them up at the very end of fence and zip tied them. The wind is blowing the holy hell out of them and I give it a week before they rip. Good news is........... spring is here and the trees will start blooming soon. That will give us at least 98% coverage of the fence.  Any ideas on a plant/flower I can plant that will take over the fence line and requires little moisture? I tried morning glory's and they didn't even come up. Any suggestions from my flower friends would be so helpful! Oh before I forget we did get the camera up though and it blinks with red lights!

Next order of business. My sister called me late last week and asked if we wanted to go to Marval Resort. It is a resort on the Illinos River here in Oklahoma. Great in the summer for floating and the water is ice cold. Hoping it is great right now for fires and trout fishing! We rented a cabin with my sister, bro- in- law and girls. I was also informed that the outside pool is heated. I might have to shave my legs for this special occasion folks! I will take plenty of pictures, especially if I catch some rainbow trout. I have to be sneaky at fishing because I refuse to pay the State of Oklahoma for a fishing license when I don't even keep the fish. I catch and release. So I guess we will find out who is better at the task at hand, the ranger or me? Details to come. 

As you know when we are gone, two of our dogs fight and it is not good when we come home. I was going to buy a huge kennel at Tractor Supply yesterday, but made the last minute decision to board Boomer at the vet office. Now I feel sad. I know it is the right thing to do, but I hate leaving him there and him feeling like I am never coming back. I mean look at this face!!!

 Finally in TTC or not succeeding at TTC news, LOL:
I have my u/s on Wednesday and blood work to make sure levels are down and everything is quiet. Then off to Femara with some TI.

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