Friday, March 15, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday

I know this is kinda wrong, but nonetheless still funny.

Plans for weekend. Al and I found a casino about 2 1/2 hours from our house to try out. If we like gambling there I plan on reserving a few for a weekend. Here are some cool pics of the pool. How could you not stay?

Yeah think I could handle this place for a quick weekend trip.

In other news, I've been stressing on what to get Al for our 3 year anniversary. I finally decided I am going to make him a lap quilt of Arkansas Razorbacks. That is where he attended college and I think a homemade gift says a lot. Hoping to start working on it this coming week.

In other, other news, we are having neighbor drama UGH. Back story. The first day I moved in with Al, Boomer was still young and got under the fence to visit the neighbors dog. Al of a sudden we hear screaming and the mountain man was chasing my dog with an axe. Al went running to the fence to see what the hell he was doing. He went on ranting and raving that all Al's dog does is bark and it scares his grandkids when they come over. Of course Al is a very polite and conservative person (unlike me) and explained that is a dogs nature, they bark. You can find it in any book or ask any vet. Yes they bark. Well we live on an acre in half and almost out in country. We only have a few neighbors and they all have huge lots also. Our back fence backs up to his field where he keeps this beautiful white German Shepard chained up out in field with a little hay stack shack. She never gets off of chain and he yells at her for barking. It breaks my heart. I have called animal control so many times on him. I am told over and over that as long as she has food, water and shelter that is all that is required. I have made plans to sneak over in the middle of the night and break her out, but Al said as crazy as he is, he will shoot me. It sucks. So back to the story. Last year he was out weed eating his field and came upon our fence. Boomer was back there barking (like he always does) and the asshole took the weed eater after him. I sat there and watched the whole thing. I held my tongue and called police to make a report. Nothing was done. Last 4th of July, him and his grand kids shot fireworks over the fence at the dogs, We called the police and filed a report, nothing was done.  Two nights ago after work I was in laundry room folding laundry. I heard Boomer bark maybe twice and then hear " Shut the fuck up you damn mutt" I lost my shit. After years of dealing with this asshole, I completely went crazy. I will save the language I used because it would embarrass most truck drivers. Long story short I told him he is a huge piece of shit and I hope he trips in a hole and breaks his neck. I am tired of him abusing my dogs. And if he touches them or hurts them in anyway I will personally jump the fence and stick my foot so far up his ass it will come out his mouth. Yeah it was bad ( I told you). I am just tired of this crazy, mean, dog hating human. He is just horrible!!!
Al came to the back door and didn't know what was going on. They made me go back in the house. So now we had the dilemma of having open back fence that you could see through until the spring when trees and plants bloom. It will cover about 90% of fence line. I can't wait that long. I decided to go redneck as well. This week we are buying tarps to put on back fence. Our chainlink is about 8 ft tall back there and about takes up about  half acre. I couldn't afford privacy fence. As I said we are putting up tarps to the fence and on top of that we are putting lattice. I bought a fake camera with a red blinking light to install on one of our out buildings and pointing toward his field. I am hoping this will detour him from hurting our dogs and me going to jail.

Why do people have to be so damn fucked up? Seriously.

Okay I feel so much better for getting that out today. I promise you, I am a good hearted person and don't threaten to kill many people.

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