Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quilt Blog

This post today is all about my quilting, so pass if you don't want to read about it :)

Last night I made a HUGE break through on my quilting. Let me start from beginning. The night before last I finished the topper for a fellow bloggers twin girls. I wanted to make the quilts similar, but not the same. First one was finished and I thought it was "okay" until I finished the topper for #2 and then I knew at that moment that #1 was a no go. I sent a message to the mom and told her that the quilts would be delayed because I was redoing them. I stopped by fabric store last night and bought more trim pieces and backing for quilt #1. Since I have a lot of the patterned fabric left I am just starting that quilt over. So anyway back to last night. I put the end trim pieces on quilt #2 and it was looking GOOD! As you all know, I am a beginner quilter so I still haven't started binding yet. I turn everything inside out, layer sew around perimeter and leave about 6 inch gap and pull the quilt through to the right side. That leaves a six inch gap that I have to sew from outside and it is ALWAYS very visible and I hate it! That was until last night. I sat there and looked at this thing for 30 minutes and it finally hit me. I turned my machine to zigzag stitches and did a zigzag around whole outer edge of quilt and it turned out great! Here is a pic of my favorite "to date" quilt. Sorry other ladies I do love your quilts also, but this one was my turning point from beginner quilter to beginner with some more knowledge quilter :)

I have better pictures that I will share when the quilt is completely finished. I have to put some more lines in there to hold the quilting inside together. That is also a "very beginner" thing for me. I have not learned how to do all the little sqiggles on my sewing machine so my quilting is really just x's and lines going across, but still looks good for what it is. I am hoping to finish this one tonight and start back on the first one. At least get squares and strips sewn together before we leave for weekend trip for some trout fishing, wine and heated swimming pools :)


I don't know if you guys seen my update from yesterday. HCG levels were still at 56 so no Femara this week. I go back in next Wednesday for u/s & b/w and go from there.

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