Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Todays Doctors Appointments

I had two doctors appointments this morning. First one was my RE. I went in and picked up my records (which seemed way to thin) and I was right. The girl up front forgot to copy my second chart which consisted of four of my Iui's through the AMIGOS study. No big deal since we aren't planning on seeing Dr. Kim until end of August. I am very interested to sit down and read all of my Doctor notes etc. plus look at all my labs again. From there I went back and had my u/s and blood work. Ultrasound looked good. Lining was 5 and I had 15 antrals on left and 13 on right. Waiting on my hcg levels and if they are low enough I can start my Femara. If not, I have to go back in next week for levels. I have a feeling that my levels won't be low enough this week. I peed on a stick last night and there is still a second line. I can be a good girl and wait until next week though. I am so close :) 

So second doctor appointment today was with my primary and seeing if we had to take this fingernail off. I have been on antibiotics for over a week now. There is new growth on bottom of nail so we decided to let it stay on. If she removed it now, the whole nail including new growth would be removed and it would hurt. Easy decision. Now for the harder decision. As you remember I blogged last week about having some issues coping and having anxiety/depression, but staying silent about it. I finally talked to doctor today. As soon as he mentioned my miscarriages, tears came streaming down my face. There is obviously an issue there as much as I try to hide it, it is there. The sadness is in my heart still. We decided it would be best to start my anti-depressants again. I am going with the milder Prozac instead of the Zoloft or Paxil. That way if we do get pregnant I can still continue to take this medication. I hate that it came to this AGAIN, but I also love myself enough to know when I need help. She called in my referral to Rheumatology and they called me yesterday. My appointment is May 28th. I am nervous about this one. I don't want to start another journey down a road that ends with you may have early stages of Lupus, we don't know, please come back in a few years with any new symptoms. I hope that isn't an issue this time since I am seeing a new doctor and a new hospital affiliation. 

After I left second appointment, I called my husband and told him I am starting anti-depression medications again. If you remember I haven't said anything to him this go around about struggling. He said he thought I was doing great under the cirumstances. I said Al " I told our neighbor I was going to effing kill him, do you not see any issues with that?" He said well normally yes, but he is an asshole. LOL he does have a good point. Maybe I hid it to well from my husband, but I just came out and told him that I need this and I have been struggling silently because I didn't want to burden him anymore.

I never said I was superwoman, but that sure would be nice :)

I will update on HCG levels later today. 

HCG Level is 56. No Femara this week. U/s & b/w next Wednesday and hopeful Femara then.


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