Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Money Tree

If there is such a thing as a money tree, would you please happen to seed in my back yard this year! Yesterday I had my dentist appointment for a check up on my extraction. I also made an appointment for Cierra. We were told back in August that she needed a second root canal. Since she had one in August it totally eliminated our insurance for the year. The dentist felt confident we could wait until January to have the second one done. Well during yesterdays visit, not only does Cierra need a root canal, but eight cavaties filled, three wisdom teeth pulled and that doesn't include the ortho she needs done. Even though I am have always been scared of the dentist I preach to Cierra how important it is to brush and floss etc. After yesterdays visit, she needs a total of about $10,000 done in work, this also includes ortho (braces) which are about $6,000. Luckily our dentist offers something care Credit Care and we were approved for a good portion of that cost at zero % interest unless late on payment then it will be at 14.99%. I told Al last night that Cierra's tooth care is going to start matching our infertility cost soon.  I am not going to lie, I am a little stressed out about money. We have our iui's starting next month. Thank goodness they are only $301 a pop per month and now we have enough Follistim and Femara to do many cycles. We are also planning our trip to see the Reproductive Immunologist in Chicago later this year and that will cost some money. Al wants to trade my crv in spring and get a new vehicle. For once I am not on the same page. It has been paid off for almost a year now and I love the money I am saving. He said that it only makes sense due to the fact it has almost 130,000 miles and will need new timing belt within the next year and tires etc. His mustang is paid off next month so we wouldn't have any car payments. I like that idea, but would also like having a new vehicle. I guess either way we would be ahead of the game with two paid off vehicles. We have our three short vacations planned. I guess we could scrap those, but vacations play a huge roll in our lives. It is a nice get-a-way and helps relax our bodies and minds after treatments and failed cycles etc. I know that most people think that vacation is a luxury and for the most part it is. For us, it is a must have. Of course we aren't going to tropical island trips so that we don't spend alot of money. This year we are planning trips to Galvenston TX and New York for Christmas. I also have our anniversary trip planned to Eureka SPrings Arkansas where we got married. I reserved a Manhattan Tree House Cabin for the weekend (we definitely need that trip). So I guess for the most part we are super blessed to be able to save money and enjoy other things and not just spending everything on our treatments. 

I still want a money tree though, seriously!

  Oh before I forget one sweet story about my daughter: 

I was at the dentist with my daughter this morning and looking at my blogger. I was actually checking out Amanda Griswold awesome bump pics. My daughter looked at me with the saddest eyes and says " Mom doesn't that hurt you to look at pregnant people when you can't have a baby"? My response " No Cierra because all of the girls on my blog have gone through exactly what I am and they weren't suppose to have babies either" For me it is so different seeing one of us getting pregnant verses Betty Jo down the street that looks at a penis and is pregnant.

1DPO- Today I had pink spotting ( I am going to google but I think I read that is normal with ovulation and letting the egg(S) release. I think I had more then one this month.

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