Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Story & Pee Sticks

I had to share this story with you ladies this morning. Please excuse grammar etc. I haven't slept for three nights now.

I texted my sister yesterday and told her my levels had went up. She was really confused since she thought my next appointment was Thursday. So she called me and I explained how impatient I am. 

My sister has always told me about this little ole lady she works with at the center and her name is Ms. Barbara. If I had to guess her age I would say around late 60's early 70's. Well Ms. Barbara knows about all of our treatment. My sister shares that information with her because she feels so awful that we can get pregnant.. Ms. Barbara always prays for us and ask my sister how each cycle is going and how we are doing. Well yesterday my sister told Ms. Barbara that I was pregnant again. She explained that this time we basically did all the wrong things (which is very true) and I am pregnant. She said not to get hopes up that we have to make it past 18DPO because my levels always drop by then and I lose the pregnancy. So do you know what Mr. Barbara said? She had a feeling this was finally the time and is writing a happy face on her calendar at work on 18DPO for us to get good news.

Honestly, how sweet is that? A total stranger I have never met in my life so thoughtful.... It is days like this that I know how truly blessed I am.

FYI: Test are still getting darker As requested here are my pee sticks from last night and this morning. Please remember there is only 12 hour in between each test so they look about the same.

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