Thursday, January 10, 2013

No fun in tooth town

My title pretty well sums up my last few days. I will give you a little back history. I am scared of the dentist. I had a few bad experiences when I was younger (including a dry socket for 5 days with no pain meds) If any of you have ever experienced a dry socket you know the pain I am referring to. The dentist I was seeing at the time didn't believe in pain medication so he pulled my wisdom tooth and out the door I went. After two days of horrific pain I called and asked if it was normal. He told me to basically suck it up and take some Tylenol and this is suppose to work on pain of a dry socket. Finally after 5 days and seriously contemplating suicide. My aunt told me to go see her dentist. He said I had the worse case of dry socket he had seen in all his years of practice. He gave me some good pain medications and I had to go in three times to have the packing changed. Since that point I hate the dentist! I did breakdown last year and have a deep cleaning and they had to numb both sides of my mouth. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Well within the last few months I've had some pain in my upper back left tooth and finally had to break down and go. Long story short it was either a root canal or extraction. I wasn't paying $1700 out of pocket to have a root canal so I opted for the $135 extraction. Sitting here now wondering if that was the best idea. I will save you all the gory details, but lets say this experience wasn't to great. I still can't eat anything because it hurts unless I am on pain medications. That is a huge problem because they make me sleepy and I can't take them at work. I sat here yesterday in pain waiting for 5 o clock so I could go home and take my pain meds and hopefully eat something. Today I thought it would be better, but its a no go.

I think that this cycle is pretty much over. I started taking Femara on cd4, but do to my tooth hurting so bad I was sick and only took it for (4) days. With all the pain medication etc. I have been on for last few weeks, I haven't taken any of my vitamins etc for the past week. I am in generally bad shape to make a good quality egg this month. Guess I should be happy we had to take a month off from iui or that would have been a couple hundred dollars wasted. 

Okay my whine fest is over for the minute. Hope everyone else is having a good week!


I broke down and took pain pill at work. This is should be interesting day

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