Monday, February 4, 2013

Beta #5 Part Two

I decided to email my clinic and see if I could go in Thursday for one more beta before my ultrasound Tuesday. I called my husband at work to tell him we are having an u/s next week and he was so calm. I think he may be in shock... I know I am.

Here are the exchange of emails. ( My absolute favorite nurse rocks. She made me feel so much better about my numbers and progression)

Hi Michelle:

I got my 5th beta back today and my levels were 433. I didn’t talk to Cynthia about this because she is not very familiar with my situation. The last two betas haven’t completely doubled. Dr. Hansen has scheduled me for an u/s next Tuesday. Can I please ask that you guys let me come in Thursday for one more level? I am a little scared that my numbers are on the low side and the doubling times are slowing down. Anything you can do for me would be so appreciated. I hope you understand that I am just a ball of nerves!

Thank You,

Tonisha Rapp


Of course you can come in Thursday for a blood test.  First, I know you are a ball of nerves, but we discussed your numbers in clinic, they are not concerned.  I know your struggles have been tough, so let me be the optimistic one J  double numbers are a bonus, we really need only see a 60 % rise most of the time! Either way, I will put you down for Thursday morning!!!

Michelle R. Rodriguez RN, BSN



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