Sunday, June 9, 2013

We are back!

We made it back from  our vacation around 5 pm last night. I was totally worn out after a 10 hour drive. Did I mention that I hate driving just a little less then flying?

After our tornado on Friday, we cleaned up the house and yard over the weekend and heading out on the trip Tuesday morning. I ended up going to access clinic somewhere in South Texas. I had a pretty bad sinus infection and also started AF on first day of trip. I was bound and determined neither of those will effect my attitude or having fun, and they didn't! I got antibiotics, tampons and lots of alcohol! 

I am going to share lots of pictures with you. They are all on my facebook page so some of you probably already seen and may want to just skip over :)
We went to the beach and the water was about 84 degrees, along with some jellyfish :) We also visited Moody Gardens (which was my favorite by far)! It had three pyramids:

Aquarium Pyramid
Rainforest Pyramid
Discovery Pyramid
A old steam boat ride that takes you across the bay
3D movie
4D movie
New dinosaur exhibit
And Palm Beach with a lazy river ( was nice after all that walking)!

We also went to Pleasure Pier and it was okay. VERY expensive. For all four of us to get in and two girls had ride bracelets, it was almost $100. I think there may be around 20 rides and only 6 of them are for bigger kids. Of course our kids rode a total of 3 rides a piece and were done. I won't lie, I was very frustrated.

We went to visit this old beautiful mansion and I was so excited! We paid our $35 and went on self guided tour with little recorder that tells you the history. About 10 rooms in, the tour was over. The top floor and attic were closed and the basement was closed. Come to find out, that was another additional cost of the tour. Is it just me or is that just absolutely un-needed! I refused to pay additional cost and we moved on. The home was beautiful though!

Here are some alot of pictures: Hope you enjoy! TTC update on very bottom.

TTC Front:
CD6, Clomid 100mg TI this month.

Exciting things are coming my way though! August I see Dr. Kim. I have been able to locate some lovenox when it is prescribed to me and also some Follistim. I think next month we will start our Femara/Follistim with TI cycles.

Big things are happening! I might not be pregnant, but I am putting in the work and I know it will pay off eventually!!!

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