Monday, June 10, 2013

Quilt #11 & 12 Special

Every single quilt I have made so far has been special to me and help its own place in my heart.

I am starting two quilts for my friend Cristy@SearchingforourSilverLining. I could probably go on and on about all the things that make this woman so remarkable. Since I am sure none of you want to read a book, I will keep it short and just highlight a few things about her.

I came across her blog almost three years ago. I always thought her blogs were so well written and very honest, inspirational and raw emotion. She had several losses and heart breaks along the way. I remember the day their last transfer failed. I cried and my heart was so heavy for her. They took time and went through counseling, grieved, researched living child free, researched adoption. So many things were going on with her. This whole time they had two little embryos frozen and waiting. She wasn't sure for the longest time that she could transfer them and possibly go through all the hurt all over again. For this was their last shot.

I remember the transfer day. I am almost positive she was wearing some crazy superman socks with a cape. I laughed and laughed. I also  knew in my heart it was going to work this time.


It did.

She is now pregnant with a set of twins who will always know how wanted they were and how their mom and dad fought so very hard for them. Through her pregnancy she has made the decision to not share bumps or u/s as she knew the hurt it caused her when in the trenches. I respect that decision. 

So I am so happy to announce the quilt topper for one of the twins. It has been such a blessing that she allowed me to do this for her family.


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