Saturday, June 29, 2013


I try my hardest to keep all of my blogger followers updated as much as I do with my infertility group. Sometimes I fall short on this side, but I feel like my group is a full time job. I have 30+ members to support and keep track of. It is very fulfilling job at the least.

As you know my Fertility Friend chart has been a day ahead on my ovulation. I knew it was wrong from day 1, but decided to go with the flow. A few days ago I knew it just wasn't right because I had serious ovulation pains the day after it marked me down for ovulation. Today I am truly 10DPO. I have pee sticks. Not sure what is going on and not very hopeful, but also not ready to give up. I know may of you tell me that 10DPO is early, but you have to understand that I have a 10 day luteal phase. So the first day of my missed period would be on 11DPO. These lines are super light and to most people would be negative. To us veterans, we can see lines. My first thought is another early chemical, but I made a promise to myself to try to be more positive when it comes to this part of the journey.

Here are two pictures: untweaked and tweaked. Oh and I might also add that my FRER came up negative this morning. Usually they are more sensitive then a FRER and that also worries me.

Al got our airline tickets booked for Chicago this morning. If we make the 4 hour drive to Dallas and fly out, we save several hundred dollars. So we are driving to Dallas and then flying to Chicago. We ended up getting round-trip tickets for both of us at the cost of $412.00 total! I love saving money!

On the good news front, one of our bloggers had her baby boy, but I don't want to make the announcement. Congrats my friend, he is beautiful!

Heading out to Hancock Fabrics and buying some more backing. Trying to knock out three quilts this weekend! I am a total quilting superhero and believe I need a cape, anyone sew capes? LOL.

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