Thursday, June 20, 2013


Well the title pretty well sums up how I have been feeling lately. Ever since I was a teenager I remember having bad headaches all the time and they have followed me through my life. Two years ago I was diagnosed with migraines. I was put on two different medications. One was to be taken daily and the other was for my onset of migraines. Well problem was/is you can't take them while pregnant. In-fact my neurologist suggested to be on two forms of birth control while on these medications. I quit taking them a while back and my migraines are back full force again. I have been to see my general doctor and was prescribed prescription aleve (which is another no no) while trying to get pregnant. I think my last prescription was for beta blockers to help with blood flow issues. They made me feel really weird so I also quit taking them. I now take Tylenol and as any of you know that drug is such a freaking joke! Today marks day 11 of a headache that hasn't went away. I have noticed they are now lasting longer then before. I really hate that I have to make the decision between trying to get pregnant or taking something to relieve the pain. For now I have to make the choice of trying to become pregnant. 

In other news, one of my favorite actors died of a heart attack in Italy. If any of you are Soprano fans you would definitely know who I am talking about, James Gandolfini. Such a sad thing. He was only 51 years old. I think my favorite movie he ever played in was 8mm with Nicholas Cage. That was awesome movie! He was a real scum bag in that part. 

Well in some good news I am technically 1DPO. My temps shot way up this morning! I think from the amount of pressure and pain last night, I had all three follicles release. Of course there is no scientific study to back up that claim. Well except my ovaries saying " Umm yeah it happened".

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