Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Today is 7DPO and nothing is particularly standing out that this cycle is going to end with bfp. The one great thing about trying for so long is, my failed cycles aren't that big of a deal anymore. I just pick up and move on. If everything is finally back on track, I will be start AF in three days. I am trying to keep to this schedule since we are going to see Dr. Kim on September 3rd. I have a month supply of bcp if needed before we go to see her. Just waiting to see how things play out. 

I received some awesome recommendations from a fellow blogger yesterday on places to visit while in Chicago. I have to admit, I am getting pretty darn excited. Al and I have done so much traveling in the last few years and I am almost becoming accustom to it. We are in the process of planning one of our trips next year to Destin Florida. We are renting a condo for a week or so and going with my sister and her family. It has been so many years since I visited Florida. I guess Destin is known as the emerald coast. How could you not love that? The only disappointment I have this year is, we aren't going to be able to visit New York for Christmas. Since we are flying to Chicago and staying longer in hotel etc. that really ate up most of our New York fund :(. I am hoping we can go next year though. Instead I think we decided to go to Branson for a weekend and see Silver Dollar City. I heard the Christmas lights are the best in the Nation.

Finally, I found this morning and shared with my infertility fb group and I would also like to share it here. 

 Some days it is hard to remember, but I am SO thankful for the life I have.

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