Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mama Bear

As you all know I have a infertility facebook group. We have 35 members and let me tell you how amazing these ladies are. Remember my last group went to hell in a hand basket because of totally ugly people. Well this is not the case now. Almost every single member I met through blogging or other groups and have a personal relationship with. One of my members about 15 weeks ago became pregnant with twins so she started a pregnancy after infertility facebook page. I absolutely loved this idea. She stayed in my group but gave others the option to also come over if they wanted. I will be the first to admit that I am part of her group and not pregnant. I love to keep an eye on all my "little bears" and see how pregnancy is doing, see their beautiful bumps and u/s pics etc! Within this last week I had two more special woman from my group also go over to the pregnancy group. Is it possible to be so proud and feel like a Mama Bear to these woman? because I totally do. I think all together now about 10 members or more of my group have become pregnant and I feel like I personally have accomplished a major goal. 

So anyway today I sit here hoping that the remaining 25 of my girls go on to the other group and my wish no matter how UN-realistic it sounds is, I have everyone that I know graduated to that next level. From all of the bloggers I know and woman in real life I know struggling with infertility. My one and only wish is EVERY single one of you get your wish!

Okay off to work. Crazy, crazy work week! 

Dr. Kim Update:

My appointment on August 26th was right at time I was suppose to start period. Can't have the u/s done at that time. I called today and had it moved to September 3rd now. 

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