Thursday, June 13, 2013

This & That

Last night as I was sitting in my recliner enjoying the new Budweiser Lime-er-rita it suddenly hit me that we are in an active ttc cycle and I am enjoying some nice adult beverages, caffeine and probably other things that so many of shy away from. My thought on it...........

Screw it.


Screw it.

Al and I decided after our last miscarriage that we weren't stopping our lives anymore or changing everything to get pregnant. We did it for so many years and guess what? Well ladies me not having a nice glass of wine or a few cups of coffee/tea didn't help me get pregnant. After thinking about all of this I came to the conclusion:

As a woman suffering from infertility I found myself trying every single crazy ass thing I would read or hear to help with getting pregnant. I ate the pineapple, I kept my legs over my head for 25 minutes after intercourse, I tried every vitamin on the market, cut out sugars, ate avocados etc. Now am I saying that these things don't work or help aid in getting pregnant, no I am not. The truth is that none of us know, including the doctors what the special magically combination will be to get pregnant. As you know when we got pregnant with Circle I did everything wrong because we didn't even give that cycle an extra thought of working, but it did.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is, I will be conscious of the our cycles and use medications to help get more eggs, trigger shots and TI on the right days, but I am seriously done with all the other crazy shit. If I want to have intercourse with my husband hanging from the ceiling on a sex swing then that is what I will do, even though it might not be the correct position for sperm to travel to the egg. I will enjoy these amazing new Straw-ber-ritas and Lime-er-ritas that I found in Texas. Oh btw Oklahoma doesn't sell them because the alcohol content is to high. Just another reason Oklahoma needs to get it's crap together and move into the future. That is another rant for another time for sure.

And this my friends is a the perfect size adult beverage ( 8 oz cans)
One (me) can only hope that sometime in the future they find a study that shows these delicious little cans will help us get pregnant! Oh what a day that would be :)

In other news, our alley cat Irma had kittens. I have been trying to trap this cat for over two years now and take her to my vet so they can fix her. Don't get me wrong I don't mind feeding the strays but they family needs to quit growing. We now have (5) adorable kittens under our porch in the front of house. Chester her (mate/brother) hasn't been around for weeks now. I am afraid he met the end of his life and it makes me sad. Although she will have to find another man cat to breed with and hopefully that takes a while until I can figure out how to trap her!

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