Friday, June 28, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday

How could I not be happy today? It is the end of work week and time for relaxing. I found this funny sign and I am making progress on my project at work. Definitely three things to make me smile today.

Oh! Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk working on the two week spreadsheet, one of my bosses came in and gave me tickets for Tarzan at the Civic Center Music Hall. Not only did I graciously accept, I went to the bathroom and squealed like a little school girl seeing Just Bieber! After work Al and I went out for a nice dinner and then made our way over to the show. I was really surprised at how awesome our seats were. We were in the first row, center seats at orchestra level. The show was absolutely fantastic sitting that close. Plus the people dressed as monkeys came off of stage and ran in front of us doing flips etc. Probably the best musical I have ever seen there. Next month is the King & I. I loved the movie and would love to see the show. I did tell Al that I am buying us season tickets for 2014. Of course I can't afford seats like we had last night, but I don't mind sitting higher up.

On TTC news:

Today may be 9DPO or 10DPO. I am so hung up on this. My heart tells me it is 9DPO because of the pains I felt for ovulation a day after Fertility Friend said I ovulated. I hate to disagree with it, but I honestly think I am right. Either way, temps started dropping this morning from 98.4 yesterday to 98.1 today. I also tested this morning and a big ole negative test flipped me off and said " tough luck, try again next month" I smiled and said " I will and you are going in the garbage can". I will test for another day or so. I didn't have much hope with this cycle though. I think I have used clomid for a total of 10 cycles here and there and it never gave me bfp, only Femara did. I will be starting either Follistim/Femara or Menopur/Femara next cycle. I almost am tempted to wait on the Follistim until after I see Dr. Kim and she starts me on a protocol. Menopur is cheaper and easier and cheaper to ship. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. My goal this weekend is to finish the (3) quilts I am currently working on. I had a great recommendation from a friend yesterday on getting help with people donating fabric etc. to help me with the cost of quilting. I will go into that on different post, but I think it sounds like a great idea.

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