Thursday, June 27, 2013

9DPO & Quilt Information

Here is my chart for today:

Trigger is completely out of my system now. Hoping to see a line tomorrow!

Important quilt information:

It kills me to say this, but as of today my quilting is on hold for new expecting moms. I didn't take into account all the twins when doing fertility treatments and my list is pretty well maxed out right now. The one thing that I absolutely don't want to happen is someone that I have promised a quilt to not receive. So in order for that not to happen I have decided not to take on any new quilting for at least the next few months. As of right now, I have (3) sets of twins and (2) singleton quilts. I do apologize and hate that I have to do this :(.

Promise once I get caught up that I will GLADLY start making new quilts.


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