Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chicago Update

I am totally excited to announce that I have talked Al into spending extra money and flying to Chicago for our visit with Dr. Kim in August! All of you know how scared I am of flying and the anxiety I get, but I weighed my options:

Option #1: 1 /12 flight non-stop Chicago

Option #2: 12 + hours of driving in the car. This also includes the fact my husband drives like a freaking grandpa. We set cruise control and it is usually one or if lucky, two miles over speed limit. It stays on even when passing and the other car is only going a quarter of a mile slower then us. I think you get the picture. I just couldn't do it!

Our original plan was to leave on Saturday and come home on Tuesday. Of course driving would only leave us Sunday to see what Chicago has to offer. Now that we are flying and staying the same out of days, we can go eat at some great places and site see. Any suggestions for places to see while we are there will be graciously accepted. To put a cherry on top, we found out AL can you the corporate account through work to get a discount on hotel and flights! 

I am so excited about this. Almost a mini vacation!

OMG a fellow blogger and WONDERFUL lady just got an amazing bfp after years and years of infertility! It wasn't one of those " I can see a line, I think", it was a "HOLY crap look at those two amazing dark lines"! I can't say who it is now as she has not announced it on blog or others besides our little group, but most of you know her and will be so excited to hear the news!!!
Congrats my friend you so beyond deserve this. Also know that I am making you a quilt when time comes!

In work related news, I have actually been really busy this week and it has been a welcome surprise. Only bad thing is, I stared at excel worksheet yesterday for close to ten hours and my eyes started twitching toward end of the day. We are hoping to sell a huge project we bought a few years ago and I am trying to prepare our Assignments. To give you a scope of how big this is, it contains over 44,000 acres of minerals. I have to go in and entered each Lease on an Exhibit for the sale. Yesterday alone I had 468 by the end of day and still only half way there. Hoping to go in super early Monday and have it done by end of work day. Love the work though! I miss all the land work I did for my last company. I was hired on here as a Landman and also executive assistant to my boss. It seems I do more assistant work then landwork and that kills me. I am so afraid I will lose all my knowledge when we move to Colorado and I need it for a new job in the industry. My hope is to take my CPL within the next year or so. Without a college degree you need 10 years experience in Oil Industry and a sponsor and then you can take the test. I am going to start studying for it. After I get my CPL that pretty much guarantees me a great job from here on out. There is no higher certificate.  I never thought I would find a job or a profession that I liked, but here almost 10 years later, I love it!

 Today we are heading to my sisters house.. My aunt and uncle from California are down visiting. We are having a nice bbq and probably hanging out and swimming.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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