Sunday, June 16, 2013

This & That Plus some Pictures!

For anyone that just wants ttc news and doesn't want to look at pictures, I am CD12 have u/s tomorrow to see how I responded to Clomid this cycle. Trigger and TI. Then next cycle we will be starting the real drugs again :)

For a 38 year old woman, I live a very simple life (boring) most would think, but I am truly happy. No more bars or clubs for Al and I. We go out to eat dinner before 6 to miss crowds. We love to work in our yard, I love my rose bushes and quilting. When we do go places it tends to be where the older groups go. I do catch a lot of comments that we are senior citizens in a 30 something year old body, but for us it works and works well :)

Here are some pictures of my beautiful rose bushes/flowers etc. I also posted a few from our little visit to my sisters house yesterday. Everyone had a blast!


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