Monday, June 24, 2013

The Beautiful Things In Life

Thank you Courtney for giving me permission to share this picture with my blogging community. 

Some may ask why I do quilts for woman who are pregnant after infertility. This picture below says it all.

 This was my first quilt ever done and it was for such a special girl. We had two cycles together and she went on to get her beautiful Ellie. I look at this picture and know without one ounce of questioning, that this is my purpose. If I never become pregnant I will still use what extra time I have to keep making this quilts. I knew it was a very special thing for me, but never realized how truly special it was for the woman who I make these for.

With such a huge heart filled with joy and meaning I wanted to share this picture with all of you and hope that maybe you can also find something in your life to take out the void of infertility and fill it with joy.

Have a great Monday! 

Oh! Does anyone have suggestions on places to see in Chicago and places to eat? We will be there over Labor Day weekend from Saturday until Sunday. Looking for some recommendations!

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