Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am alive.

Sorry I wasn't able to update any earlier. It has been one crazy weekend. Friday the town I live in had a F3 tornado, actually tornado's. I believe there were 3 or 4 that came out of one cell. 11 people lost their lives including (3) storm chasers from the Discovery Channel. This storm had record flooding and actually stayed over El Reno for over three hours. My aunt was down from California staying with us. I was able to get us to a passage way under a road here in town and ride out the storm. Thankfully the only damage was about $2,700 to my vehicle because of the hail. Our yard and shop were flooded, but waters have started to go down. The only thing that matters is our family is safe and our home is still here. 

My daughters friends house was totally destroyed. They lost everything. This year has been so incredibly dangerous with the massive destruction of storms all over the U.S. 

We are getting everything packed and ready to leave for our vacation on Tuesday morning. I am ready! I need sunshine and the ocean breeze.

Here are lots of pictures of "just" flooding damage at my house. I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of the tornado damage because people lost their lives and homes. 

TTC News: 6DPO Chart looking great!


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